What Are Kosher Mezuzah Scrolls?

Jewish people are taught that the mezuzah protects the residents of the house, and the house itself, whether the residents are inside or outside their home. They are taught that the mezuzah has unique characteristics and it can be compared to a protective shield that protects Jews and their homes. It is said that the mezuzah protects Jews from all dangers of the world and when passing through a door, Jews are supposed to peek at it and touch it. Some Jews even kiss their palms as a reminder that God is everywhere and he protects them all, whether you are inside or outside.

As the Deuteronomy says, Jews that observe the mezuzah will be blessed with a more productive life, so will their offspring’s. Judaism teaches Jews to hang mezuzahs on every door they pass through their home. However, one exception is doors that lead to baths and smaller rooms.

Mezuzahs are handwritten by scribes who are professionals at the laws of God. The scribes must be professionally trained so that they follow each law involved with writing a mezuzah. Scribes who write mezuzahs must write it in order and must include that the mezuzah is written with a specific intention in mind.

source: katzjcc.org

Mezuzahs are stored into small containers and the first two segments of the scroll must be handwritten.  In the first two segments, the immortal words are written, which state the following “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.” The mezuzahs are placed on doors in order to follow God’s teaching. Another interesting segment is that on the other side of the mezuzah, the scribe writes “Shaddai” between the titles of God. Kosher Mezuzah Scrolls Written by Scribe is made out of kosher leather, and the three letters state the meaning “Keeper of the doors of Israel.” In Judaism, the description of God begins with the first letter, Shin, which are used to decorate the mezuzah itself.

Customs Associated with Mezuzah Scrolls

Each year before the holidays start, it is a Jewish custom to inspect the mezuzah scroll and also check if the scroll itself is made out of kosher. It is important that the scrolls are made entirely out of kosher since it is more durable and it will last longer. Mistakes are common when manufacturing mezuzah scrolls; however, taking your mezuzah to a scribe is your best chance of finding how legitimately made your mezuzah is. Jewish customs state that each mezuzah is placed at the right side of each door entrance. The mezuzah must be placed in the upper third, in the right side, so that the mezuzah head faces towards the room.

source: kveller.com

Every Letter of the Mezuzah must be Correctly Formed

Even the slightest crack at any omission of the mezuzah will invalidate the mezuzah itself. This is why every letter must be correctly formed so that the laws of God are always remembered. Purchasing your mezuzahs from scribes and legitimate vendors is imperative to avoid any unnecessary invalidations of the mezuzah. In times of poor health, rabbis beg their followers to inspect their mezuzahs and to check if they are correctly placed in their homes so that God can protect him and his loved ones. Mezuzah scrolls are a reminder of Jewish people that their home is the link to God itself and their sacred heritage.