What Are Most Motorcycle Windshields Made Of?

Thinking about which type to buy for your motorcycle, you are probably thinking that the best way to buy is to choose according to the material they’re made of. But you have no idea about these things and need some information or two about the materials commonly used for these purposes. Look no further because this article is going to give you all information you need about the materials.

Let’s start the whole story by telling you a bit more about its purpose first.

Whether we’re talking about big bikes or pleasure scooters, both options need a windshield to ease the discomfort of the ride. Its main role is to protect your clothes and helmet from the impact of riding a motorcycle. In particular, it serves as a refuge from dust and insects that – without it as a barrier – would hit you in the face.

At the same time, it ensures better air penetration and therefore a more comfortable ride. Due to its aerodynamic effect, it repels the wind so that you only feel a small part of it. Thus, it allows you to penetrate the air better because thanks to it you no longer have to fight with the force of the wind. The result is a smooth ride and protection of the neck vertebrae from the wind during the whole road.

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What’s available on the market?

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You will find motorcycle windshields of all brands and designs, each more attractive than the previous one available on the market. And best of all, the price range is wide enough to fit any budget.

To make the right choice, you will have to start with your needs in this matter and, of course, from your budget. Here’s a good place to start your selection motorcyclescreens.eu.

While browsing the offer you’ll find most of these are made of two materials – acrylic and polycarbonate. What do most people choose? Acrylic. Why? Because of the price, primarily, but also because of the fact that won’t go yellow as time passes.

When did people start using motorcycle windshields?

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The first bikes did not have them at all. Back then, it was actually much more important to invent a motor vehicle at all, the glass was considered just an accessory.

The initial ones were very small, actually more of a visual accessory because they did not protect the driver and other passengers from anything. It was only later that it was realized how important that part is because it protects from dust and other small particles that are created due to speed and wind in traffic, but also from larger pieces that can fall off other vehicles in traffic.

Here it’s important to mention that not all bikes have them, therefore they are not a must-have. However, if you wish to improve the quality of the ride, and make it possible to enjoy your bike even when the weather is bad, then purchasing one is a smart idea. As it will block cold air, bugs, and rain falling directly on your helmet all other things that influence the quality of your ride.

What should you consider when buying one?

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The first thing is finding a suitable type. Here you can choose to install one that will permanently stand on your bike or a removable one. The advantage of the first choice is obvious, no hassle about mounting and taking it off multiple times a year. The second choice, on the other hand, offers way more flexibility, which comes in handy especially when you want to transport your ride somewhere else. You simply take off the windshield and make the whole cargo smaller.

When you’re done deciding on this, then your second criteria should be the material. We’ve already written about it in the first part of this article.

The third criteria is the height you want it to be installed. This will depend on your riding style, and the type of your bike, because some require lower posture than others. Ideally, you want to be protected, but at the same time, you want to be able to position yourself above the windshield to be able to see the road ahead. Finding the ideal height is important because, as we said this accessory serves as protection from the weather and other things that occur on the road.

What was it like in the beginning?

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In the past, the primary material used for their creation was actually glass. This did not add much protection to the rider, as the glass could easily break under the influence of even the smallest rock (since you’re speeding), and cause more damage than good. When the accident happens, you get a thicker end not just by the fall, but also by this glass. This was a sign that something needed to be done in order to make the windshield more durable during impacts and minimize the risk of injuries during accidents.

The solution experts came up with provided not only the protection we mentioned but so much more, as was previously explained. The ones produced today offer great sound isolation, just what you need in the busy city streets.

As we said, the industry has made a lot of progress in a way that now you can also choose a windshield with protection… Better protection against wind, rain, and insects, because the optional one allows more air to escape. This type is popular with trail bike owners.

So, if by now you have been having second thoughts about purchasing this additional piece of equipment, we hope we made you aware of how much it can improve the quality of the ride. You’ll no longer have to be limited by weather circumstances, but free to go out and ride whenever you feel like it.