What Are The Most Popular Franchises To Start In California

The franchise opening business is a viable option for you to start your own business, under an existing brand name of course. Buying a franchise is a viable alternative option than opening your own business. If you do decide to buy a franchise, you will be supported by the ownership of the brand and you will be trained properly. Buying a franchise can even cost you less than opening your very own business. And considering the support you will get from the ownership, buying a franchise might not be a bad option as well.


Because of that, we are going to discuss what the most popular franchises to start in California are.

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1.    The Simple Greek

If you’re interested in buying a franchise in the food industry, The Simple Greek is a concept that specializes in dishes dating from ancient Greece. The restaurant franchise uses only dishes from that period with the finest use of ingredients from the Greek peninsula. If you do decide to buy this franchise, it will cost you a minimum lump sum of $75,000 and you can even have the option of building your very own ordering process.


2.    Precision Tune Auto Care

On the list of our top franchising candidates, here is one that might suit the car enthusiasts. Namely, Precision Tune Auto Care has been in the automotive market for more than four decades. It is a franchise that is very successful and specializes in offering auto repair services. The franchise offers full support and assistance with a franchise fee set at $25,000 and a minimum cash sum required of $100,000.


3.    Togo’s Great Sandwiches

Togo’s Great Sandwiches are expanding rapidly all throughout the state of California with more than 50 locations. If you didn’t guess from the name, Togo’s is a food franchise that offers some of the best sandwiches, freshest ingredients, and healthiest salads in the industry.


Togo’s offers a viable opportunity to be part of the rapid growth and they offer state of the art training and full integration support. The cost of buying Togo’s Great Sandwiches costs $100,000 with no further fee but a requirement of $400,000 net worth is required.


4.    Robots Education

Regarded as one of the leaders in robotics and coding education, Robots Education offers a unique opportunity for those who love to teach science and robotics. The franchise offers after-school programs that further help the development in this field through education, field trips, week-long residencies, summer camps and more. They provide buyers with full training and no prior experience is needed. Robots Education is one of the best franchises to buy if you’re looking to enter the education of children niche. A minimum cash sum of $37,500 is required and a further franchise fee of $37,500.


5.    Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance Company provides you with a unique business opportunity and the chance to be your very own boss. You can become an owner of Allstate Insurance Agency if you’re not afraid to take risks. Allstate Insurance Company offers its franchise to everyone in every state if the United States and a cash sum of $100,000 is what it takes for you to become a member of the growing family of Allstate.