What Do Adoption Agencies Do?

Adoption agencies are oftentimes seen as the “middleman” in the adoption process. These organizations are legally obligated to service both birth parents and adoptive parents. The adoption process can be very stressful and long, so adoption agencies effectively help out making it less complicated than it should be. In most adoption cases, it is the agencies that are required by the state in order for the adoption process to be completed.

However, most people would be surprised to know that adoption agencies provide six different services to the community. The services they provide include:


·      Matching Adoptive Parents With a Child

·      Arranging Counseling for Birth Parents

·      Performing Home Study

·      Providing Education

·      Providing Paperwork

·      And Performing Post-Placement Visits

So from this, we can conclude that these organizations don’t just match adoptive parents with a child, but they rather help our birth parents find a new family for their child, as well as, providing counseling for the right placement choice, and education for the children who most need it.

Adoption agencies are obligated to perform family visits at least once a month for a total of six months as soon as a family adopts a child. These visits are requested by the state and failing to perform them could result in certain legal actions taken against the adoption service. While these visits might sound intimidating, they are precautionary measures taken by the agency to ensure that the new family is progressing and functioning healthy with the new child.


Adoption Agencies are there to ensure that you have all the things necessary to welcome the new family member into your lives. They will perform home studies to make sure that you have all the resourced needed to parent successfully, according to the people at Colores Adoptions.

Most adoption agencies perform multiple services during the adoption process. While they can offer up to a total of six services, the services that they actually perform depend highly on how they are licensed. Not every adoption agency is specialized in all six services, so you will have to do your research on the specific type of service and whether the desired agency performs that service.  For example, if you know the birth mother for your son’s adoption, then you would need an adoption agency that will perform a home study and post-placement visits.

However, despite all of this, it is very rare for an adoption agency not to be licensed in all six services. But even if the agency isn’t licensed in one of the required areas for adoption, they are obliged to find an agency that they work with to service you in the required area.


The legal part of the adoption is yet another area where adoption agencies specialize in. Namely, most agencies have in-house attorneys that complete the required paperwork for adoption. If they don’t, then they will mostly have someone else do it, in most cases an attorney that they have contracted to work with them on these matters.

Choosing an adoption agency certainly feels like a hard task. With so many agencies out there, it could be difficult to find the right one that will serve you professionally and to the latter. But adoption is a very touchy subject that people take it to heart. So that’s why most adoption organizations are very professional and will assist you and work with you along the entire adoption process.