What Legal Issues Does Family Law Encompass

The reality is, most people will require the help of an attorney at least once in their lifetime. Like every other industry out there, they can specialize in a wide range of things, from tax to criminal law. However, out of all specializations, family lawyers are most likely the ones we rely on the most.

But, what do these lawyers do? What legal issues does family law encompass? Do you need one for the problems you’re experiencing? Fortunately for all people that are wondering the same thing, the article below can help. Here is what you should know about family law:

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Family Law: Explained

As you might have guessed from the name, family law deals with various situations affecting a particular family. This can include things such as pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, adoptions, alimony, and so on. Attorneys that opt for this particular field of law have to be ready and willing to work in different situations, mostly because they are hired by individuals that are experiencing really daunting and emotional life moments.

So, What Legal Issues Does Family Law Encompass?

1. Divorces

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As you already know, divorce is the termination of a marriage contract. Now, most people don’t consider it to be weird, mostly because they think of it as a celebration rather than a legal obligation that you make to someone else, however, it is just that. If you found yourself in a situation where you or your partner wants to get a divorce, a family lawyer will act as your representative in front of the court, one that will help you go through the complex process.

They’ll also assist you with getting everything that you have the right to, which can include things such as child support, alimony, assets, as well as property. Getting a divorce is never an easy thing and it’s often a really emotional period for everyone involved. An experienced attorney will help you alleviate some stress and anxiety, while at the same time, they’ll properly represent your rights during this daunting period.

2. Pre- & Post-Nuptial Agreements

These agreements are basically documents that highlight what each spouse gets during and after they get divorced. A pre-nuptial agreement is created before they get married, and it’ll detail the properties and assets of both parties, as well as what happens if they decide to separate. Some of the things that cannot be included in this document are child support and custody. Also, it can be created after people get married, and this is referred to as a post-nuptial agreement.

3. Spousal Support

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According to the experts from Matrimonial Home, another frequent issue that family lawyers deal with is the child and spousal support. Your legal representative will provide the court with all the documents and information they need to achieve the best results for you. They’ll require accurate information for determining these two things, including your income, ability to work, and your accumulated debt. A reliable lawyer will help you gather all the info you need.

4. Custody of Children

This is, perhaps, the most daunting and traumatic thing for all parties involved. To determine the custody, the court has to consider which parent the children have a better relationship with, if there has been any substance abuse or criminal activity of both parents, the stability of income and home, and so on. In some cases, both partners and lawyers can agree on this outside course, but if there is a disagreement, the judge will have to evaluate all the aforementioned factors.

5. Adoptions

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You should know, family law attorneys won’t only help you during difficult times, they can also help you in joyful situations such as adopting a child. They’ll ensure that you have all the documents you require, they’ll help you navigate the system in order to make everything quicker and easier, and if anything goes wrong, they’ll be there to help you overcome it. In most adoption cases, there can be a lot of hindrances and obstacles, and an experienced individual will help you overcome those challenges.

6. Cases of Neglect & Abuse

If one of the parents’ abuses or neglects their children, there is an extreme need for a family law attorney. Now, they might represent the child or children, or in some cases, the parent that is being accused of neglecting or abusing their kids. Additionally, they might also be working for the parent that is accusing their spouse of neglect and/or abuse. No matter on whose side they’re on, such cases must be handled with extra care.

7. Child Support

Last on our list is child support. The first thing that you should know is that each state has its own regulations and law regarding this topic, and it’s the duty of a family law attorney to ensure that the justice system has all the info they require to calculate the amount the child or children will be receiving from one of their parents. The concept behind child support is to guarantee that the children have financial resources they would have if they lived with both of their parents.

Some of the information you might need to provide include your income, the health care expenses your children might have, as well as deductions that are allowable in most situations. Additionally, the person you hire might also have to gather reports and proof if the other spouse is possibly hiding some assets or financial resources, or if they are currently unemployed, or if they aren’t receiving a suitable salary for supporting their children.


If you need the help of a family lawyer, they could help you with all the aforementioned, complex situations. Keep in mind, it’s incredibly important that you choose someone who is experienced, reliable, skilled, and more importantly, that is specialized in solving the problems you’re experiencing.

Whether you want to get a divorce or if you want to create a pre- or post-nuptial agreement, a family attorney will help you go through the complex process. Hence, if you require this type of attorney, open up your browser, and start searching for an individual that’ll help you!