What is a Promo Code Like HolistaPet & King Kanine Coupon Codes?

You might have heard about promotional codes and are probably wondering what they are and what their importance in online shopping is. Well, worry no more because this article has got all the answers you need. First and foremost, we shall take time to understand what exactly promotional codes are, after which we shall then proceed to see how they work and why they are important to any person making online purchases.

What are the promotional codes?

These are strings of alphabetic and numeric characters offered by online stores as a way of enticing or encouraging purchases of their products by customers. These codes once entered by the customer gives them discounted prices on the items purchased. Promotional codes or coupon codes fall under the promotional marketing strategy and the discounts offered by these codes may be on a specific purchased item or the whole order. These codes can be found on this coupon codes site.


How they work?

The discounts offered by promotional codes are usually either a percentage off or a specific dollar amount off, and there may or may not be a bare minimum of purchase to be made for a promotional code or promo code (as it is often referred to as on the internet) to be claimed.


This gives both new and regular customers a reason to shop and continue shopping at the stores that issue promo codes, the reason being they offer incentives to customers thus benefiting both the purchaser and the respective store from where the purchase is made.

There are also promotional codes that offer free shipping of a customer’s purchased goods.


When the customer enters a promotional code during the checkout process, the store then runs a check to confirm if all the requirements for the use of the code have been met after which the discount offer given by the code is then approved.

A recent study by Inc. Magazine has revealed that promo codes are also a way through which store owners can track their efforts in marketing since putting up promotional codes in various advertisement sites will, in the long run, reveal which sites are crowded.


Retailers may allow customers to use multiple codes depending on the site being used or they may as well limit customers to only using one code. In deciding the number of codes to allow to one’s customers, importance should be stressed on which one will benefit you as a retailer more. There are three types of promo codes that are at the disposal of an online store owner; these are; restricted codes, private codes and last but not least, public codes.


Judging by their name, public promo codes can be seen and used by anyone whereas private promotional codes are used by store owners to only target a specific group of persons for example loyal customers or new users. Restricted promo codes, on the other hand, are usually targeted to a single user and can be used only once.


Experts think that using all the three types of promotional codes places a store owner at an advantageous position since it ensures that you as a store owner give a wide variety of customers more than one reason to make purchases from your store once again.