What is Dutan Ransomware Virus?

In this article, we will try to help all the people out there to find more about the Dutan virus and how to remove it from your computers with a helpful guide. Viruses are a huge, problematic issue for computers at the moment and we want to explain to you everything you need to know about this topic.


We will answer all the major questions; how did Dutan ransomware can get on a computer; what is dutan ransomware virus; how to know when your computer is infected; is it possible to decrypt files encrypted with the Dutan ransomware; and how to remove it from the computer. Read this guide and learn how to remove Dutan ransomware and decrypt your files.

You can get Dutan ransomware via spam email with infected attachments or by exploiting vulnerabilities in the system and your software. If you get an email with the header information from some kind of shipping company like FedEx, do not open. It is an email with the Dutan ransomware virus, in which they said to you that delivery failed, and you did not get your package. Especially do not open attached files in the email.


Dutan ransomware virus is the STOP (DJVU) ransomware family virus with .dutanfile extensions. This virus limits access to data by encrypting files, and if you want to access your data you must pay in cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin. Dutan can infect all versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10, and the virus when it gets in your computer will scan all the drive saved letters, searching for data files to encrypt. The target files are doc, docx, xls, and pdf. After the infection target files cannot be opened anymore.

There is a small chance to decrypt files encrypted with the Dutan ransomware only if your date were encrypted with an offline key.

The removal process is hard and you will probably lose all your files, there is no guarantee for a full recovery. Malware bytes and Hitman Pro are two ways for removal this virus, but programs cannot recover your documents and pictures.

What is Dutan Ransomware Virus


Malware bytes is excellent software for Windows; it is a free and basic tool for infected computers. Two weeks you have all the tools from Malware bytes, and after that period of time, you have basic tools for infections. It is very easy to use and in a few steps, you can get rid of malware infections.

You have only a few steps; first of all, you must download Malware bytes then you double click on the Malware bytes setup file. Maybe you will be asked if Malware bytes can make changes to your device and you should allow. The next you should follow the prompts on your screen to finish the installation process of Malware bytes, and in the end, click on the Agree and Install button.


After that, you should start scanning your system with the help of the Scan Now button. The process is a couple of minutes long and then click on Quarantine Selected and remove all the infected things Malware bytes has found. After all these steps you should reboot your computer.

If you want to prevent all this trouble just install antivirus on your computer and backup all your documents.