What Nobody Tells You About Moving House?

Are you shifting your house for the first time? You might be confused about where to begin? Before shifting I thought it was a tedious task but it was a way more difficult than that practically. However, moving can be made easy if you got some tips from experienced people.

Though nobody tells you these things, yet i want to reveal all the tips. As I feel, if i knew these things before moving, relocation could have been much more convenient for me.

Continue to read the blog, if you want to make your shifting process easy and tension free.


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Top-Notch Secret Tricks that are Practically Feasible for Carefree Shifting:

Keep these things in mind while shifting, it actually works.


Keep your Valuables and Jewellery Safe:

Do not let any precious thing like cash or jewellery lie in your home when you are planning to move. There is so much hassle around you may bear a considerable loss. Either shift it to your locker or hand it over to someone you trust. It’s been more than a week i have shifted and i am still in search of my wedding ring that i last saw when i was packing. Though there is hope, i can find it in the last few boxes that are yet to be opened.


Plan Ahead:

If it is a cross-country move, you actually need to have sufficient time in your hand to organise everything. You need to look for best long distance movers, pack everything, make necessary arrangements, change your address, explore the new place, if you have children get there admission done and much more. So, it is very important you have sufficient time in your hand before you make a move.



If you have to sell or rent your present home do not wait for decluttering until making a contract with the dealer. Do not waste your time unnecessarily. You must start decluttering from the day you have decided to shift. The middleman is interested in your property and not your belongings. It is the worst decision to hide everything in cupboards for a few good clicks of your home and increase your work. On the other hand, you can try to sell your house directly to a real estate investor like yourtrustedhomebuyer.com, these investors are typically up for buying your house even if it’s full of old stuff, as they take care of it themselves.


Dismantle First:

You might think that you will dismantle your furniture in the last, but this is the first thing to consider. Dismantling consumes a lot of time than you can assume. If you live in a multistorey building, dismantling the furniture and dragging it down to the ground floor is the most hectic task. So, you should do it with a good amount of time in your hand.


Be Minimalist

Take all the things that are actually useful to you. Say goodbye to the stuff that has not even been touched in the last two years. Be ruthless while packing your luggage. Do not waste time in packing and unpacking the things that you carry just because you are emotionally attached to it. Grow up, take their pictures for your memory and donate or sell whatever is the best option.


Bottom Line:

Trust me, if you accomplish the tasks detailed above properly half of your headache is over. One more tip, do not take the complete burden over you. Professional help is actually needed in this matter. However, do not rely on movers completely. For any task to be completed successfully good supervision is always required. Just stay calm and keep doing your things, worrying is not going to make you any good. Make a checklist and keep following it. Happy Moving.