What Should You Know Before Buying Speakers for Your Car in 2024?

It is very convenient when the purchased car already has a good speaker system with properly placed speakers that will provide decent sound quality. But often new cars, especially in basic versions, are not equipped with car acoustics.

Also, there are cases when the speakers that are installed in the car do not meet the requirements of car owners to the quality of music in the cabin of their cars. In this case, there is a reason to think about choosing and installing new speakers.

Types of car speakers


There are several varieties of car speakers:

  1. Broadband
  2. Coaxial
  3. Component

Owners of modern cars should remember that each type will differ not only in sound quality, installation conditions but also in cost.

The broadband option means that all available frequency ranges are played back by only one speaker. According to experts in their field-this is enough to listen to the radio or music tracks while driving on the road.

Most modern cars are equipped with similar audio systems during Assembly on the conveyor. Fans of low frequencies or powerful bass choose coaxial speakers. In this case, several different speakers are installed, mounted on the same axis, so that the whole spectrum of frequencies from the highest to the lowest ranges is used as a result.

The set can consist of several columns: from 2 to 5 units. Today, the three-band system is gaining popularity quite quickly, when the low-frequency speaker is mounted in front of the mid-frequency diffuser and high-frequency head. With this arrangement, car owners achieve the desired sound quality and expand the maximum frequency range.

Some fans of low frequencies install a powerful subwoofer in the Luggage compartment because it will not fit on the back shelf because of its size. It belongs to the rear acoustics, equipped with its own amplifier (amplifier in youth slang) with a peak power of up to 600 watts, and nominal-270 watts. With this arrangement, thrill-seekers achieve high-quality lower-case playback, bass sounds voluminous, and drown out all extraneous sounds.

Main characteristics of the speakers


An important indicator when choosing car speakers is their size.

For front speakers, it is better to focus on a speaker with a diameter of 6.5 inches, according to the source. This size of speakers will allow you to get a good sound quality, deep bass. In most cases, the speaker is easily placed in the car, but there are exceptions when the regular mounting space is smaller.

This problem is easily solved in most cases, just contact a specialized installation center. The problem with the installation may occur if it is impossible to consolidate the regular space due to the peculiarities of the car interior, or there are no alternative places for installation.


Another type of speaker is enlarged 8-inch (20 cm). Such speakers are ideal for three-component speakers. They perform the role of a specialized link for the reproduction of midrange frequencies. This is due to their huge size.

But just because of the size, there are difficulties in the process of installing them in the front door of the car. Sometimes they are also installed in two-component systems. The quality of midrange reproduction is very mediocre. It is best to use 20cm speakers in speakers without a subwoofer, which allows you to get good bass. At the moment, they are practically not used in practice and are actually replaced by speakers that have improved low-frequency reproduction capabilities with a diameter of 6.5-7 inches.


Speakers with a diameter of 5.25 inches (13 cm) are ideal for front speakers as a rear sub-sound. In the case of limited space in the cabin 13 cm, speakers can be used as front-end audio systems.

Oval speakers in coaxial systems are intended for installation in the rear shelf. Their standard size is 15 x 23 cm (6×9 inches). Visually, the speaker is much larger than a round one with a diameter of 6.5 inches. This allows you to get a deeper bass. Disadvantages of oval speakers are:

  • the poor mechanical balance of the diffuser,
  • the inability to replace the sub,
  • the quality of coaxial performance.

Such a speaker does not allow you to get a full-fledged, high-quality, deep, clean bass, and balanced tonal sound.

Quite often, you can find ads for small-sized 10 cm speakers. But what are their characteristics, sound quality, and what, in general, are they? This type of speaker has a very low sound quality, which particularly affects the bassline. In this regard, buying a speaker with a diagonal of 10 cm, it is desirable to equip the speaker system in the cabin with additional bass support. These may be standard mid-bass speakers, which are best installed in the front of the cabin.


Conclusion and recommendations

Summing up, it should be said that the size of the speaker directly proportional to the nature of the sound, the depth of the bass, and the purity of the playback. Moreover, we recall that illiterate installation can negate all the advantages of expensive and high-quality speakers.

Therefore, it is highly desirable to install speakers for cars in specialized centers. There are enough nuances in this issue, and it is better to trust the professionals.

We wish you well-considered decisions and getting exactly the result from the purchase and installation that you expect.