What to Consider When Choosing Your Halong Bay Cruise

Getting some time off work or school enables you to relax and recover. A busy schedule is something that gets you exhausted. You may get a long holiday and wonder how to spend all that time. Well, there are so many things you can do when free. Travelling is one of them. You can visit different countries and enjoy the experience of meeting with new people, sampling their cuisines, and also understand their culture more.

Traveling also lets you enjoy some scenic views in the different places you visit. Some websites and magazines can guide you in choosing an excellent destination. One country you should visit is Vietnam. It has so many attractive sites and places to traverse. Halong Bay is one of the famous spots in Vietnam that records a high number of visitors each year. What makes it a fascinating place to visit is its beautiful rock formations and limestone islands.


The best way to travel across this bay is by taking a boat. There are several cruise companies you will find there ready to make your trip in this bay memorable. How about you Click here for the best cruises that will take you across Halong Bay. You should look for a good cruise boat that will ensure you have one of the most memorable trips. Here is what you have to factor in when choosing one.

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Cruise Duration

The period you want to stay on board will help you pick the best cruise. Some of the popular packages include a 3 day and 2 nights cruise, 2 days and 1-night cruise, and a day time cruise. If you are planning to spend most of your time in this bay, then you know the right boat to pick. Those who don’t want to stay longer can pick the day time cruise. You will move around for some few hours before your trip is over. Cruising at night gives you another view of the beautiful rock formations.



Your budget will also determine the type of cruise you choose whenever you visit this bay. The first thing you should do is research on how much trips in this bay cost. This will guide you when saving. You should understand that services offered for cheaper packages are different from those in expensive ones. Start saving early if you want an enjoyable trip in one of the best cruises.



The route to be used by a specific boat is another thing you have to factor in when choosing your cruise. There are various routes that are commonly used. Some ways will guarantee you the best view compared to others. Popular destinations include Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay. Halong Bay is the most preferred by many.

Extra Activities

Most boats offer additional activities during trips to keep guests entertained. Activities offered may vary in different cruises. You will find some that have left out others. Some of the common activities you can enjoy during your trip include swimming, kayaking, cooking, and Tai Chi workouts. You should look for a cruise offering a wide range of activities so that you have a memorable trip.

Food Menu


The type of food being served on a specific cruise also matters. Different boats have their special menu that lets you enjoy some of the local cuisines. They also have a variety of seafood you will be served on board. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to compare the menu in different cruises and settle for one that is serving the dishes you love.