What to Know Before Buying an Adjustable Bed

For proper health and hygiene, consumers should replace their mattress at least every ten years if not sooner. Heading to a mattress store is often low on one’s priority list; not only is there a significant cost involved, but the options are overwhelming, and the salespeople can be pushy.

Purchasing an adjustable bed is a wise investment when it comes time to upgrade. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing an adjustable bed and what you should know before buying.


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Beds and Mattresses are Separate

When you buy an adjustable bed, you’ll need a mattress that works with it. Fortunately, you can buy them together where these types of beds are sold (visit this site for details). The best types of mattresses for an adjustable base are flexible, often consisting of memory foam, but must also provide adequate support and structure.

Fortunately, with this type of bed, you won’t need a box spring. The platform of the bed is built to provide support while allowing for movement.

Split or Combined

If you have a significant other, you might want to consider investing in a split adjustable base rather than one that moves in tandem. If you get a split base, it will drive up your budget significantly, and you’ll have to get creative with your mattress purchase. For example, some king size adjustable options fit two twin mattresses, allowing for independent motion. If you want a queen size, however, you might need to get specially constructed mattresses and sheets.


For most people, an adjustable bed that moves as a single unit is sufficient. After all, you’ve been sleeping in the same flat position together for this long.

Benefits of the Bed

There are a lot of reasons why an adjustable bed could help you get better sleep and improve your quality of life. Here are a few compelling benefits:

  • Snoring reduction – if you or your partner have sleep apnea or a tendency to snore the other person awake, the elevation option can help keep airways open and breathing quiet.
  • Improved circulation – lying flat isn’t the ideal position for blood circulation. Having your bed positioned in certain ways can improve circulation and even help reduce blood pressure.
  • Athletics and pain – if you are an athlete who likes to hit the gym hard or experience joint pain and stiffness in the lower body, the ability to elevate your feet will help reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  • Mobility – for those with physical limitations, getting out of bed can be challenging. Being able to adjust the bed helps put those with physical limitations in a better position for getting up.
  • Convenience – if you like to curl up and read a book at night or watch a show on Netflix before falling asleep, you don’t need to worry about propping up pillows any longer.

Adjustable beds have benefits for anyone of any lifestyle, with versatile options depending on your needs.



In addition to the general benefits listed above, there are also other perks and inclusions to consider when buying an adjustable bed. Some of these bed frames and mattresses have built-in massagers. Others are controllable by apps or have an automatic alarm in the morning that moves you into an elevated position, for a peaceful transition from sleeping to waking. Others have motion sensing lights at the base for those late night trips to the bathroom.


Sleep plays an integral role in health and wellbeing, stress reduction, longevity, and quality of life. Take a look at the various options available to you and invest in a good night’s rest.