What’s Should Be Your Go-To Bag?

All of us have a go-to dress that we can wear to most of the places we are headed to without any hesitation. We can even be comfortable in it while at home. This dress can be a pair of jeans/shorts coupled with a T-shirt, a comfortable midi dress, a short skater dress or just about anything that fits well and makes us feel/ look good.

Similarly, many of us even have a go-to bag – one that we prefer over all the other bags we have. One that we can carry along almost any where we go, be it to the mall, the nearby park, a friend’s place, the local market, office or just about anywhere.

Let us have a look at few popular types of bags that women love and prefer over others.

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Nothing can beat the charm of a handbag. These bags are not just available in materials that are only apt to be carried to the office or formal events. There is a huge variety of handbags in the market. One in light and flexible material is a good choice. It is right for just about any place you are headed to.

Your handbag can hold everything including your laptop, cash, mobile phone, charger, cosmetics and hair brush. This is one of the main reasons why women like carrying it to most places. Handbags with a couple of pockets are preferred over those with just one. This is because such a bag allows your stuff to be placed systematically which in turn makes it easier to find different things kept inside.

Sling Bags


These bags have gained immense popularity over the last decade. The best feature of this bag is that it is easy to carry – just hang it and forget about it. It is a good option to carry when going for a walk, travelling in a public transport or visiting the grocery store as it keeps the hands free so you can carry out all your task easily. No wonder, it has become a hot favourite among women.

It is particularly a boon for mothers with toddlers and small kids. They cannot let go of their kid’s hand when out in a shopping mall, local market or metro train. As the sling bags do not engage hands in any way, they can hold their little ones and take care of them. A sling bag is thus a go-to bag for young moms.

Tote Bags


These easy to carry shoulder bags are highly popular among shoppers, college-goers as well as professionals. Tote bags are available in a wide variety. They look chic and have the capacity to accommodate a good amount of stuff. You don’t have to carry shopping bags and other stuff in your hand when you have a tote bag handy. Everything from your wallet to your groceries can be accommodated in this large bag.

Tote bags go well with all kinds of attires and can amp your style effortlessly. For more information about Tucker & Bloom tote bags check here.

Small Pouches


Many women do not like carrying big bags as they go out. A small purse/ pouch serves as their go-to bag. Most of them look for one that can accommodate their mobile phone, keys, cards and some cash. While many small and stylish purses available in the market can accommodate enough cash and cards however they aren’t big enough to fit in a mobile phone. An everything-pouch is a great replacement here. You can easily slip in your mobile, keys, cash and sanitizer in this pouch.

Moreover, a major difficulty we face when we take along bigger bags is that the essential stuff needs to be shifted each time we change the bag. But when you have a small pouch as your go-to bag you don’t have to stress about shifting essential items each time you change the bag. You already have all the essentials handy in your small pouch. All you have to do is to slip the pouch into whichever bag you plan to take along and you are good to go.

Fanny Packs


Just like sling bags, a fanny pack is also extremely easy to carry. You just have to tie it around your waist and you are all set to head out. It does not occupy your hands so you can roam around freely. Whether you are planning to go for a music concert, a game of football, an amusement park or to the market/mall – a fanny pack is one of the best options. For most women, it is their go-to back because it looks trendy and can be carried with ease. Fanny packs have been around since decades and their craze doesn’t seem to go down.

Hobo Bags


Our list of go-to bags would be incomplete without adding this variety of bag. Hobo bags are high on style and can boost your style quotient instantly. These are available in different sizes and look equally amazing in every size. It is actually their shape that renders them a unique appeal. Many women have these as their go-to bag.  These bags go well with all kinds of dresses including long party dresses, funky T-shirt and denims as well as skirts.

All the above mentioned bags are immensely popular among women of different age groups. They come in a wide variety to match the taste of women belonging to various age groups and segments. The bags are available in the local markets, malls as well as online.

Brands keep coming up with new and improved designs in all these varieties to match the ever changing demands of the consumers. You can check out packedparty.com for all kinds of sassy and chic bags. Browse through their tasteful range to pick the ones that match your unique style. Whether you want a simple, plain piece or a glittery, designer one – you will get it all on this website. So, do have a look at all that they have on offer. And don’t forget to tell us as to which among these is your go-to bag?