Which Glasses Fit You Best According To The Shape Of Your Face?

Glasses have become for many not only a medical need but also an accessory that denotes the personality of the wearer. When you know what your face looks like and what glasses shapes fit it, it will make a big differential when it comes to putting together an outfit. For this, GlassesShop.com will help you in this and provide you the cheapest glasses, starting at $6.95.

There are some small tips that can help us choose the perfect model. The glasses are also a more fashionable garment and with a good choice, we can reflect our personality and style. When it comes to selecting the design of the saddle we must take into account the shape of our face. It usually happens that when we start to try on the glasses that we like the most, they do not fit as we would like with our face, skin tone or hair.


6 face shapes and the best eyewear:

Oval face: those people who have an oval face, are quite lucky because it serves you, in principle, any type of mount. If you have a large face, it is better to opt for larger designs. Do not miss the best frames for oval faces

Elongated face: it is better to opt for a wider glasses to counteract the length of the face. If you want to know everything about the long face, click here.

Triangular face: to compensate for the triangle effect, we should opt for a frame that does not enlarge the upper part of our face. There are two types of triangular face: heart and pear.

Square face: the best option is the glasses with oval design, without being too round. Do you want to know more about this type of face?

Round face: This face is wide in the cheekbone area and narrower everywhere else, it is the large looking face, rectangular and angular shape then round frames are best for you.


Regarding the color of the glasses, it does not matter what your skin tone or hair color is, as long as they are natural colors such as brown, green or combinations of both in brown tones. Also the metallic colors like silver or gold. These are the easiest colors to combine with the clothes we usually wear on a daily basis.

How to combine the color of the glasses with the hair:


The best option is to choose a color equal or similar to that of our hair. If the tone of your hair is red, it could be a dark red frame or a mixture of colors between orange and yellow. Another method is the contrast of colors, for example, if you are blond with blue eyes, black highlights the bright colors of the face. If you have dark or black hair, you can choose more intense colors like purple, blue or light green.