Which TV Has The Best Picture Quality

To watch a movie with a crystal clear picture and digital sound is every movie lovers dream. Even when you have perfect home theatre accessories, a major portion of the fun depends on the quality of the TV you have. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 3 best TV pictures on offer.

1. Samsung 65-inch Q6F QLED TV

This TV serves as the perfect alternative for OLED Televisions. It is priced at around $2200 and comes with an LCD plus quantum Dot screen. The refresh rate is 120Hz and can support 4 HDMI ports. The audio quality of this model deserves special mention. This model can save you more money even when you do not compromise on picture quality. It has a Bixby voice assistant. Installing the TV and connecting it with your other devices is super simple. It has many innovative features which normal smart TVs do not have. The TV offers good HDR support and the brand is renown for its quality and service.


When you switch off the TV, it does not offer you a disappointing black screen. The ‘Ambient mode’ of this model, makes your living room more artistic. Many professionals prefer this QLED option over the OLED variant, it’s cheaper and gives you more bang for your buck. This Samsung TV is highly renowned for being the best TV in a long time.

2. Roku TV (TCL 43 S 517 – Smart 4K TV)

This TV has a 43-inch display. The model offers a clear LCD display. It has nearly 3 HDMI ports and has a refresh rate of 60Hz with excellent color reproduction. For the price, this TV is the best cost-efficient choice and many believe this model gives the most accurate picture. It comes with Dolby vision support and Dolby Atmos support which can assure you a good movie watching experience.

You can easily get one through an online order and get it delivered in good condition at home. It costs under $500. Roku offers the best picture quality in this price range when compared with the other models. The brand also has TV’s at lower price points, the only drawback is you should be ready to take a lesser screen size. The model weighs less and is easy to install anywhere at home.

3. Vizio P-Series (P65-F1)

This model offers a whopping 65 inches screen with a price range of around $1000 making it one of the cheapest options for this size. It is highly suitable when you can afford more than Roku as it has a 120Hz refresh rate. It supports nearly 5 HDMI ports. It has excellent backlighting. The TV has an LCD display which can support HDR and Dolby vision. The TV can support numerous apps because of its built-in chrome-cast and offers a vivid color display. The picture is incredibly sharp, even during daylight the display is great. The TV is thin and looks perfect, the additional advantage is that you can have fewer hanging cables.


Due to it’s great price point this is a hot seller and many leading stores have great offers and deals for this model. If your budget is a little bigger there are some great alternatives at a higher price point with a few extra features. But the picture quality of this model is known to be the best out of this range.


In the case of a big purchase such as a new TV, we would always recommend doing your own research and looking at leading websites like Clever Shop List to compare different models. You can often find the models you are most interested in at cheaper prices after browsing around online for a bit. There are plenty of great deals out there if you are willing to invest a little extra time searching!