Why Are Executive Assistant Careers so Popular?

It is a position that has remained as important now as it always has been but administration in itself has changed dramatically over the last decade. Thanks in part to the vast amount of technological developments that we have seen, numerous changes in legislation relating to data and other related changes, administration is an ever developing and challenging profession to enter.

Take a moment to visit any job site and you will quickly spot the numerous assistant positions available, so it’s easy to see that it is a universally required skill.


For this reason alone, it can be a really good way to kick-start a career and in this blog post, we will consider exactly what it has to offer to anyone considering it as a pathway.

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For anyone that is interested in a particular industry or sector, an administration position can be the best possible way to enter a particular arena. Whether it be politics, business or even the media, working as an administration assistant provides the opportunity to network and meet important people.


Do the job well, make an impression and there will likely be a lot of room for personal growth and career progression.

Face up to the challenge

As we mentioned in the introduction, the administration career is forever changing and developing, so there are always new challenges to be addressed.

As a result, administration assistants are constantly learning new skills and doing uninitiated, on the job training. It therefore offers the chance to develop a wide range of ever-changing skills in a way that isn’t comparable to many other positions.

There are a multitude of different courses you can take, we can recommend some fantastic executive assistant courses from Souters Netherlands.


Transferrable skills

Many of the skills that are required for administration are skills that can be utilised in any future promotions or positions. In fact, it can be a really good opportunity to pick up skills that might not otherwise have been learnt. This can give you a competitive edge when it comes to future employment opportunities.

Do it from afar – or anywhere

These days, there are many different kinds of administration positions and a lot of these can be done remotely. This allows people to be able to do it as a part-time position, to do it from home and it can ideal for students or those that have care responsibilities.


As well as working directly for a company, there are plenty of opportunities to be a freelance virtual assistant. It’s an excellent way to kickstart your career, as it offers a flexible and virtual way to earn money.

So, next time you are looking for a new job and are considering which positions to apply for, we suggest that you don’t overlook those advertised Administration Assistant positions. They can be the perfect way to kickstart your professional career and an excellent way to leave a lasting impression, all whilst learning new competitive skills.