Why Is 12 Weeks Safe To Announce Pregnancy To The Whole Family?

Most women know little when it comes to the question of breaking pregnancy news. They simply do not know when and how they should break the news to the family members. It is true when a woman gets pregnant, she knows on the spot.

Some women try to explain a common feeling as to how they felt after suspecting that fertilization had taken place. However, pregnancy is often associated with hormonal imbalance and can often be confused with other health problems. As such, care should be taken when making such conclusions so as to ensure that you do not confuse other family members.

From the science of a woman’s body, the implantation process takes a certain period of time before it anchors itself on the uterus walls. During this time, there are high chances of having a miscarriage as the body adapts to the new changes. The question of why are 12 weeks safe to announce pregnancy ranges from social to hormonal reasons.


In the first trimester of pregnancy, the most important body organs of the fetus are fully developed and the chances of having a miscarriage are very minimal. During this period, some physical changes take places such as the tenderness of the breasts. When announcing the news at this stage, one is able to give physical evidence to those who might be doubting. It also prepares them psychologically to start adapting with the situation as a pregnant woman at this stage requires special attention so as to ensure that external activities do not interfere with the growth of the child.

A human is bound to get tired very fast and hence the rate of interest drops constantly with time. As such, it is unwise to announce pregnancy news at an early stage due to this fact. The end of the first trimester enables the family members to care for an expectant woman and before they get tired, they start thinking about the forthcoming baby.


During the 12 weeks, those who like going for the ultrasound checks up can have a close look at a forming fetus. This also serves as evidence of pregnancy to those who like doubting each and every word spoken by a woman. However, in order to avoid conflicts in a house, a woman should understand her partner so as to establish the most appropriate time to break the news.

You can also decide to keep it from other family members and friends except your partner. For the men who like escaping their responsibilities, they can do little or nothing at this stage as the baby is fully formed, and hence pose no risk to both the woman and the child. Now that you know why is 12 weeks is safe to announce the pregnancy, it is upon you to take full advantage of the above tactics so as to ensure your health and that of your child to be is given the first priority. More information on 12 weeks of pregnancy, click here.