Why Mirrorless Cameras are good for Travel Photography?

Are you a Travel photographer, who is looking to invest in a good camera, then, I think, this article will help you to make the right choice.For a Travel photographer, there are two camera options. You can either go for a DSLR camera or a mirrorless one.

Nowadays, we are seeing more models in mirrorless cameras than in the DSLR segment. One of the main reason is due to Travel photographers. I will list out the main features which make mirrorless cameras favourites for Travel photographers.


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Compact and Light

Mirrorless cameras are compact and light-weight when compared to DSLRs. It is because of the absence of the mirror and associated mechanics in the mirrorless.

Thus, you can shred some amount of your camera gear weight. It is not only useful for travel photographers but to all types of photographers out there.

Good choice of Lenses for Travel Photographers


All the three major players, Sony, Nikon, and Canon, have come up with an excellent choice of lenses in the wide angle and the portrait range.

This lens factor makes it more attractive. Both zoom lenses, as well as prime lenses, are available. More lenses are coming in their future roadmaps.



During the early days of mirrorless cameras, the popular models were from Sony and others were not interested in this segment. Canon and Nikon have come with their models recently.

The sudden boom in the mirrorless segment is a clear indication of a decline in the DSLR market. So, there will be more cameras coming in the mirrorless segment.

As you all know, camera technology is getting advanced day by day. The newer technologies will be getting incorporated in the upcoming models.

More Silent


The opening and closing of the shutter and the mirror flip are the two factors which attribute to the sound when you press the shutter button in a DSLR camera.

Mirrorless cameras are found to be more silent when compared to DSLRs. It is mainly due to the absence of mirror in the camera system. So, there is no mirror flip to happen, which creates the sound. Only the shutter flip will be producing the sound.

Even though most of the mirrorless cameras are quieter, there are some exceptions.

Fast Shooting Speed

Mirrorless cameras are faster than the DSLRs. High-end DSLR cameras are an exception in this case. This fast shooting speed allows you to get a higher burst rate, hence more frames per second. The absence of the mirror enables this higher burst rate.

Mirrorless camera also makes use of a mechanical shutter to expose the image. But the whole mechanism is more straightforward than that of a DSLR camera. It helps them to capture more frames per second.



So, all these five factors make travel photographers go for the mirrorless cameras.

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