Why Should You Shift to An Instagram Business Profile?

Are you planning to shift your current account to an Instagram business profile, but you’re a bit hesitant? If that is the case then this post is for you.

But if you already have and your main concern is how you can optimize your views, then consider investing in affordable yet real Instagram views.

Either way, here are the top reasons why shifting to this type of account today is worth considering.


  1. Increase sales and bookings with ease

Remember that if you don’t own a business account on Instagram the only clickable part is the link in your bio.

If you are managing a brand using a personal account you need to include your contact information in your bio description. In actual fact, it’s a huge waste of restricted space which can be utilized to promote your latest product and capture people’s attention.

On the other hand, if you shift it simply means that you will be able to include contact buttons like a map button and buttons for phone calls. You can even add action buttons that will link to some third-party services that can help you in increasing your sales.

Furthermore, you can even use videos when promoting your products and increasing your sales. However, your videos should have a significant number of views, and famoid.com can help you with that.

  1. Get Access to New Features Ahead of time

Instagram is testing new features, particularly on small groups constantly. With this in mind, if you have an account on Instagram for your brand, you’re more likely to be picked to test new features before they release it in public.


  1. A clickable link to IG stories

Have you already heard that you need about 10,000 followers so that you will be able to link to external sites through IG stories?  Well, it’s true, but it is worth mentioning that you need an Instagram for your brand as well.

  1. Manage and Set-up IG advertisements using your mobile

The moment you make the shift, perhaps one of the things that you will see is that you will the option to setup advertisements right within your app. It means you don’t need to use your desktop and then bring up the ad manager of Facebook to finish the job which is very time-consuming.

Nevertheless, if you are a company owner who wishes to take Instagram ads more seriously, then you don’t need to think twice and shift right away.


  1. You’ll be able to specify what niche/industry you are in

If you are a beauty brand or clothing boutique, and often you find that other brands and people mistake you for a blogger or an influencer, shifting to an Instagram business account will definitely take this uncomfortable speculation away.

In fact, your profile on Instagram will be connecting your IG to a business profile on Facebook. That’s why when you’re setting an Instagram for your brand make sure to choose the industry that fits the type of your brand.

Without a doubt, shifting to this kind of Instagram profile will completely change your brand/company’s well as life for the better.