Why You Should Use the Photo Stick for Backing Up Your Images

Whether it is a company event, a birthday party, or just an ordinary day with friends or family, selfies or groupies will always be present on these occasions. Well, we still got digital cameras, but smartphones have been normally used to take pictures. However, your phone is already giving you hints that its storage is nearing its full capacity. What should you do? Well, you can use your other phone, use someone else’s phone, or use external storage. Have you ever heard of the Photo Stick?

Photo Stick is a handy device that will solve your phone storage problem. According to its creators, this device can easily locate your images on your phone and store them directly to this portable memory stick. With this, you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting the photos to give way for new ones.  This device will act as a backup storage for all of your precious photos. As long as you have this device, all of your images are saved and intact.


How does it work? It is just easy; you need to download, install, and have the Photo Stick app to run on your phone. Next, you need to plug into your smartphone port the device. Don’t forget to click on the “Backup Now” option as it will take over and scan all the folders on your phone. The scanning process ensures that this device will back up all of the images and even the videos. You might have duplicated copies of your photos, don’t worry, this scan will continue and will skip these duplicates.

Once the scanning is done, and all of your images and videos are backed up, you can now delete them. Doing so will help free up your phone’s storage – this means it is ready again to save more of your precious moments.

But wait; will this device have enough storage space to store another round of bulk photos or videos from your phone? Well, it is both yes and no. Yes, this device has enough storage spaces to back up your images or videos again. However, in the long run, this storage will become full also, but we think that it would take long before we come to that full-storage situation. This device is available in a 32-gigabyte version, and everyone is sure to hold hundreds of photos or videos.


Unless you are a photographer or you are the one assign to documentation, then it is a no – a no for this version but yes to switching to its 64-gigabyte version. By having this device, there is no need to worry about running out of file storage. Just plug it in your phone and continue backing up again your photos and videos.

Where can you buy this device? With the advent of the digital world, purchasing is never a problem. You can look for a website that offers it, click on the “add to cart” option, pay for it, and wait for it to be shipped to your place. However, just a smart reminder to those who will be purchasing this product – it would be better if you will only get it from the official website to avoid getting scam or receiving a fake product.

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Why you need a Photo Stick?

Reliable Backup for Your Media Files


It is quite frustrating if you accidentally delete or lost precious photos and videos. Worry no more because the Photo Stick can be the best alternative according to this reliable source. It can be your efficient device to back up your videos and images. You can store your photos and videos in a more convenient way using this device. With this device, you will not lose precious and memorable images or videos.

Secure Storage Memory


You don’t have to doubt about the Photo Stick because it can offer you secure and safe file storage back up. It can store up to 60,000 of your favorite videos and images. It can transfer data in just a single press of the button.

Excellent Compatibility

Good news, many devices and the Photo Stick comes with excellent compatibility. It works well on your Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, as well as other devices.

Easy Access


You can have a hassle-free experience since the Photo Stick is easy to access. It doesn’t require tricky software to function. All you must do is download the app on Google Play or App Store. Then, you can press the Backup Files option. Furthermore, you don’t need to make an account or choose the files manually that you want to backup. By simply plugging in the device on your smartphone, you can back up images as fast as possible. So, you don’t have to wait for long hours just like in computers. It doesn’t need cloud backups or passwords.

Good Investment


Photo Stick is a one-time investment. With its more advanced features, it can be a good value for your money and time. It can discover, scan, and remove duplicates, so you can save on memory. If you have high standards for your storage device needs, the Photo Stick can be your efficient solution! This tiny stick comes with top-quality memory capacity. You can avail it in 128 GB or 32.64 GB versions for iPhone and Android devices. It is also available with 30 days guarantee and free USA shipping. It can provide weekly backups for more convenience.

Supports Different Image Formats


With the Photo Stick, you don’t have to worry since you can have an organized collection of your favorite photos. The best about this device is that it can support different image formats such as jpg, png, gif, .tif, and more. It doesn’t need an internet connection before you can access its functionality. It also works on tablets.

To sum it up, the Photo Stick can be your comprehensive device to backup your precious images and videos. Get yours now!