Women Empowerment – 6 Ways to Empower Women and Girls

As we all know, 8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day, a day where people can pledge to respect, value, and honor women in their lives. However, in this gender-biased world, how can we ensure gender equality all year long?

In a society where women are usually misjudged for their choices, can we really say that they are empowered at all? The answer is – probably not. -efore we go on to the ways to empower women, let’s first that a look at why we need to do it. The reason is quite universal and simple. Women and girls deserve to be empowered and they do deserve an equal position, and they certainly are not the weaker gender. It is their right to get the same benefits and opportunities as men do.

Ways to Women Empowerment


Empowerment does not mean giving women riches. It begins with small but meaningful steps that bring positive change to our society. Here is a list of ways to empower women and girls:

  1. Ensure Their Safety

Out in the streets, women fight a silent war every single day. Some are assaulted, molested, and some are violated. Of course, there is no safe haven for women anywhere, since most of these cases occur inside offices and homes. While governments do need to implement strict laws to ensure the security and safety of women and girls, we also need to keep our eyes open for wrongdoings.

  1. Education

An educated girl cannot only live life on her own terms, but she can quite easily change the world. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to take the first step forward. From that girl who begs for basic things to the women living under the bridge, each and every women and girl needs and deserves to be educated. Teach one, teach all of them, and you might open up a new path for a better future.


  1. Healthcare

According to the experts from lustinsync.com, safety is not only about fighting criminals, but creating a safe, survivable environment for women. Ensure a holistic, safe environment and regular health check-ups.

  1. Teach Job Skills

Did you know that even learning a small skill, like using a computer can help someone start a career? Be it craftsmanship, gardening, or sewing, these efforts can help women start their own, small businesses. Share new ideas, help them learn because women empowerment starts with small steps.

  1. Raise Your Voice Against Gender Inequality

Above everything else, raise your voice! Stand up for every girl and women and help with decreasing the gender inequality in all areas of our society.

  1. Give the Freedom

Everywhere you look, people tend to imply restrictions on women. Now is the right time to change that equation. Do not bind women in the chains of religious views, give them the freedom that they deserve.



As you can see, these six simple things can change the lives of many women, as well as make a big change in our society.