World`s Richest Rappers in 2024

When some is thinking about rappers, he or she has a picture of big luxurious houses with a parking lot that displays only the fancy, expensive cars. When you look at how much rappers are earning it is not a real surprise that people have thoughts like that. Have you ever wondered which rappers are the richest in the world? Well, we will give you an insight.

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The 25 Richest Rappers

All the data we are displaying, are taken from various magazines, Wikipedia, and other credible websites. We put an effort so we could present you with as up to date data as we can. Now we will start with our list.

25. Nas

Nas has a long history in the music industry. His albums were sold in more than thirty million copies around the world. Nas`s net worth is sixty million dollars, which places him on #25 spot in our list.

24. Rev Run

One of the founders of Run-DMC legendary hip-hop group, and a minister, yes you heard that right, a minister. He is better known as a Reverend Run. His net worth is seventy million dollars.

23. Will.I.Am

As a part of a very popular group Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am had a very successful career. After that, he started a solo career. His net worth is around seventy-five million dollars.

22. PitBull

Pitbull is a hit maker. He is one of the most popular people in the world right now. He is in the music industry for about twenty years. With his eighty million dollars he is a 22nd richest among the rappers.

21. Birdman

Birdman, or Bryan Williams, is a very successful rapper and many other things, such as producer, investor, entrepreneur, etc. As of 2024, he is worth eight million dollars.

20. Akon

Akon is a very popular and successful rapper, singer, producer, businessman, and actor. He worked on numerous hits you can hear everywhere around you. His net worth is around eight million dollars.

19. Timbaland

Timbaland is a songwriter, producer, rapper, DJ, and singer. His new worth is eighty-five million dollars.

18. Nicki Minaj

An American rapper of Trinidadian origin, Nicki Minaj has a net worth of eighty-five million dollars.

17. Mike D

Michael Diamond, or Mike D, is a member of the legendary group the Beastie Boys. He is worth around ninety million dollars.

16. Ad-Rock

Adam Horovitz is an American rapper and guitarist. He was a member of Beastie Boys. His net worth is around ninety million dollars.

15. LL Cool J

LL Cool J, a famous rapper and musician with a very successful career in acting, is placed on #15 with his one hundred and ten million dollars net worth.

14. Drake

Drake is a Canadian-born singer, rapper, and producer. Also, he has a career in acting. With his several careers, he makes a lot of money. His net worth is around one hundred and twenty million dollars.

13. Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog, a famous rapper from the nineties, is still very popular. We are placing him in the number 13 spot with his one hundred and thirty-five million dollars.

12. Pharrell Williams

We are placing Pharrell Williams in number twelve on our list. He is a famous producer, singer, rapper, etc. His net worth is one hundred and fifty million dollars.

11. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, a famous New Orleans-based rapper and songwriter has a net worth of one hundred and fifty million dollars.

10. Ice Cube

Ice Cube, a member of N.W.A. the legendary hip hop group now works as a filmmaker, producer, and actor. His net worth is around one hundred and sixty million dollars, and we are placing him in number ten.

9. Ronald Slim Williams

A founder of Cash Money Record label, Ronald Slim Williams has a net worth of one hundred and seventy million dollars.

8. Usher

Usher, a dancer, actor, singer, and rapper have a net worth of around one hundred and eighty million dollars.

7. Eminem

The most popular white mc, Eminem is on the number seven on our list with his net worth of two hundred and ten million dollars.

6. Master P

Master P or Percy Miller, a former basketball player and a rapper is worth around two hundred and fifty million dollars.

5. Kanye West

Today`s superstar, Kanye West has a net worth of two hundred and fifty million dollars.

4. Russell Simmons

The legendary Russell Simmons is on the number four spot in our list. His net worth is around three hundred and forty million dollars.

3. Dr. Dre

Probably the most popular hip-hop record producer of all time Dr. Dre is worth around eight hundred and twenty million dollars.

2. Puff Diddy

Puff Diddy, or Sean Combs is number ten on our list, due to his eight hundred and fifty-five million dollars net worth.

1. Jay Z

In the end, we will talk about Jay Z. The most popular hip-hop musician of all time has a net worth of nine hundred and thirty million dollars. This is more than enough for us to place him on the first place on our list. has also published an updated list of 25 richest rappers, that you can check right now.