Customizing Your Fleet: How to Choose the Best Wrap Design for Your Brand

In today’s fast-changing world, if someone asks what sets a thing or a unit apart from others, the most obvious answer would be the extraordinary USP. In such a competitive environment, everything such as a business or industry, revolves around how unique it is. For example, in a business, the profitability will revolve around how the business crafts its products or their special unique trait.

In simple words, an additional quality such as quality, quantity, design, etc., can do wonders for anything. One of the most underrated things that create a USP for industries is design. People would have noticed this brilliant idea of company branding through the usage of graffiti or promotional designs on vans or fleets, which provides exceptional value to the brand.

By using innovative and customized designs for brands, it can add value to the business in many ways. One such way is wrapping the fleet in an eye-catching method. Companies can use award winning tow truck wraps or van wraps to customize their fleet tactically. The following section gives a comprehensive guide on tips to select the best wrap design for a brand and the different factors affecting the same.

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Top 5 Impactful Tips For Customizing And Designing Fleet For Brand Growth


A person can think of numerous creative ways to make the best wrap design for their brand. However, the following tips are very useful as well as very cost-effective.

Understanding Different Wrap Types For Vehicles

According to experts, there are majorly two kinds of wraps or finishing designs for vans or vehicles. These are glossy and matte finishes. People usually come across the former type as it is the most widely used finish. It is more attractive and shinier than the other one. Its reflective surface makes it a pleasant treat to the eyes.

On the other hand, matte wrap designs are used as a weapon to make a vehicle unique. In other words, since the matte finish is less used, brands use it to differentiate from their competitors. It is crucial for brands to consider both designs and see what their vans or vehicles are more suited to.

The matte finish should be a go-to option for vehicles with sleek and slim designs. If a company is confused between these two types, they can also go for the satin wraps which is a combination of glossy and matte design. These are reflective and shiny but to a limited extent.

Playing With Colors And Fonts


Any brand that can master the art of using the right mix of colors and get the right font (including font type and size) can master the wrapping design for their fleet. It is crucial to set a synergy and synchronization between colors and font used on the vehicle.

A lively and active splash of color should not be complemented with a dull and formal font type. People remember the brand with its unique color mix and display. For example, when yellow and red come to mind, they easily associate it with McDonald’s. It is critical to give a unique yet effective mix of colors to the fleet wrap design.

Furthermore, a color mix is nothing without the right font size and type. A strong and easy-to-read font should be an ideal option for companies. As a truck or van moves, people should get a glimpse and the message of the brand it indicates. Therefore, there should be a complete balance between colors and font used while designing the brand fleet.

Keeping It Simple

In a world of too many complex structures and designs, most of the time people get captivated with the use of simple designs. When people reflect on aesthetic designs like IKEA’s, they are more attracted to the brand offerings. Similarly, it is not always recommended to get the company’s vision and motive through complicated styles and designs.

When a vehicle moves by the road, too much information, and complex designs can divert the onlooker’s mind to different things which are not as the brand wants to communicate. In this scenario, the branding completely fails to capture the target audience. A simple design can make the brand stand out as it helps deliver consistent and clear information.

Unifying Company Vision & Personality Through Designs

Customizing the fleet and putting company information on vehicles is a way of conversation and communicating with people through ideas. It is a crucial way of advertising through which a company can direct its brand value and vision.

When a company designs its vehicles, the design should coincide with the values and ideas of the brand. It should not be controversial and contradictory. Similar to people, brands also have personality traits.

A company selling dog food will have a smiling dog as its logo or a part of the design to convey warmth. In this case, the personality trait is more of a humble and warm person. Therefore, marketers should select their design wraps according to the company’s goals and ideas.

Quality Will Always Remain The King


Lastly, companies should never compromise on the quality of fleet wrap used on their vehicles. Some might go for a cheap vinyl design wrap, but it fails to offer enough value. It degrades quickly. The shine offered by these wraps wears out in a few months. Experts recommend investing more in design wraps to capture more growth in the long term.

Key Takeaway

Wrap designs have been extensively used by companies to kill the competition prevailing in the industries. Innovative and out-of-the-box ideas are becoming more popular to gain market share. However, brands should be very careful in gaining an audience as some ideas can go against the company and spoil the brand’s reputation. They should research different wrap designs and create the most effective and efficient solution for their brand.