You Love Horoscope – These Are the Apps You Need to Have

Horoscope or astrology is a very old tradition that helps people understand their destiny or future depending on their time of birth and the alignment of the stars. By constantly following your horoscope you can find out meaningful information about yourself and your future that can assist you in making quality changes in your life.

It can give you an insight into your type of character, help you find out your talents, skills and how to improve the handling of your emotions. Horoscope has been used in one of the oldest civilization such as the Egyptian Civilization BCE, the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, etc.

They used this knowledge so they can guide themselves to a safer future and a much successful life. These ancient civilizations used the stars to better understand the problems they faced, problems such as war, famine or plagues.

By following the position of the planets and the stars we can get an insight into which areas in our lives we can prosper. It can also help us understand the past events we have lived through and ways to cope with those same events. Horoscope can give you advice on your economic status, your spiritual health, your physical health, your romantic aspect of your life, business and more.

Many people used to buy newspapers just to read what their horoscope can tell them for the month, day or for the week, however, these days, thanks to smartphones and the Internet, there are hundreds of apps we can use to read about our horoscope. We are here to tell you which apps offer the best horoscope readings, but before we get to that, we need to tell you about some of the benefits you can get out of astrology.

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Better connection with people

You probably have had a person in your life that you simply could not understand how they think or function. If you know this person’s birth date you can use an astrology application that can give you an insight into their type of character and their mindset. If you truly understand how your friend thinks then you can easily adapt to please their needs. Supporting their strengths and understanding their weaknesses will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Helps with relationships

If you haven’t been lucky these last couple of relationships and you feel that you cannot find your true soulmate, you should consider consulting with horoscope. By understanding the other astrological signs, their characteristics, and their emotional stability you can find out which type of sign (person) suits you the best. You can use the apps we mentioned to compare your signs with another person to find out your compatibility.

A clear view of your future

Are you scared about the next big decision you have to make into your life? Are you afraid of having doubts after you have finally decided? With astrology, you can easily look into your future and find out what waits for you behind that “door”. According to, astrology can lead you to the right path and tell you when it is the best time to make such important decisions.

Now that you understand how astrology can ease people’s lives, here are some of the apps you can use on your smartphone.

Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone is an easy to use app where you can check in every day to check either your daily or monthly horoscope. You can compare your compatibility with other signs depending on the month and you have access to the well-written essays from Susan Miller, an astrologist.

You have the option to go for the free version or for the premium one that gives you the ability to check the monthly horoscope one week ahead and the option to look at horoscopes for the next couple of days.

Horoscope Guru

Horoscope Guru is available on both Android and on iOS. You can learn about your daily and monthly horoscope, read facts regarding astrology, and even check tarot. It comes available in 9 languages including German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese and English.

It has a great design, easy to understand and pretty on the eyes. It is probably the most responsive out of the bunch and has great options for push notifications. Horoscope Guru claims to have one of the best astrologers who can deliver you the most accurate and in-depth horoscope.


iHoroscope is pretty straightforward and simple. You can read your daily, weekly, monthly and even your yearly horoscope. If you get the premium version of this application you can also get a few more extra features that may improve your overall experience.

We picked this app because it gives you the ability to communicate through messages with psychics who can better understand your horoscope and help you understand your destiny.

Co-Star Personalized Astrology

Co-Star uses data about stars collected directly from NASA and several professional astrologers to bring you the most accurate horoscope. If you are more educated on this subject, you have the option to track the stars and planets by yourself, so you can read the horoscope.

The Co-Star application has a feature that allows you to track the horoscope of your friends so you can better understand their mindset and mood during the next couple of days.

The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope is a pretty popular app because of its simplicity. You can easily access your sign’s characteristics, daily and monthly horoscope and can even compare signs. By comparing signs you can find the type of compatibility you may have with others.

You also have access to the Chinese horoscope, so you can find out about what this year has in store for you. The DailyHoroscope also has a lot of options that let you customize the design of the application by changing font or colors.


If you want more detailed horoscopes, check out TimePassages. You will be able to see your birth chart where you can check out the meanings of your rising, moon and sun signs. It also has a feature where you can check about the future moon phases and show you about the physical effects it may have.