Why Zcash Is A Better Long-Term Buy Than Ethereum?

The market of crypto continues to be one of the most interesting ways to secure additional profit and secure your funds. Even though many people are talking about the problems in this market caused by the drop in values, you have to understand the factors that are causing it. Also, volatility is a very important element. Some investors are afraid that the values will continue to go down.

However, it is a matter of time before there will be a huge comeback, and maybe even new records. Besides the active ups and downs, innovations in this market are constant, along with the introduction of new options. When it comes to Zcash, it is also following the trends like most other cryptos. The current price is around $60. If you are interested in buying it, check out azcryptoexchanges.com

There are many similarities between this digital currency and the most popular one. One of the main reasons why so many people are interested in it is due to its great potential and some improved features like faster processing time. A lot of people are interested in the comparison with ETH. The interesting fact is that teams who are behind these two options have a mutual project.

The main intention is to allow this crypto available on the ETH blockchain. Moreover, there are some features that, for many people, represent a huge advantage when compared to ETH. We are going to analyze more about that in the following article.

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Main Features

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While it is also a very popular option for a long time, it cannot be compared to BTC and ETH. However, things might change in the future because of the solutions that this option is offering. First of all, we have to mention anonymity as one of the biggest benefits. This feature is well-known in this market. However, what most people are not aware of is that there is still a way to track the transactions even though they are hidden under the code.

On the other side, the developer who made this option implemented an advanced feature that no one can discover the identity of the person that is sending or receiving data through it. There are other systems with similar features, but most of them are not on the same level. Besides that, we have to mention the high flexibility since you can easily replace the Zcash with any other crypto on the same blockchain.

According to the experts, the value of this digital unit could become almost 10 times higher in the next three years. That is still not more expensive than the most popular options at the moment. However, you have to consider other factors as well. First of all, it is cheaper now, which means that it will be easier for you to get more of these coins. Also, it is one of the rare options where mining can still be profitable.

Differences with ETH

Many things are different between these two options. First of all, the ETH is marketed as a platform that you can use to transfer different types of data, while this one is strictly used as a form of digital currency. The limit is the same as for BTC, which is also a huge advantage and potential for a significantly higher value. The processing time is much longer, but if the collaboration with the ETH team continues, it might be driven down to a similar time of only around 15 seconds. On the other side, the advanced features related to security could be implemented on the system for the popular Russian developer.

What is the Best Option?

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Some people are afraid that the main feature of these digital currencies could be lost in the future, which is anonymity. However, Zcash is designed in a way where that is not possible. Therefore, if the trend of increased transparency continues, we expect that more people will decide to invest in this option. That will cause a much higher value as well. Moreover, if they manage to combine the ETH blockchain and allow this one to operate on it, that is also a factor that can lead to a higher value.

Before you make a decision between these two options, you will also have to learn more about exchanges where you can invest in digital assets. Be sure to find one with the best offers, flexibility in terms of available options, and reasonable fees. Also, it must be safe, with proper safety layers, and you should be able to use standard payment methods.

Moreover, the next very important thing is to use a safe method for storing your digital assets. There is always a risk of facing security issues like hacker attacks. Even some of the most popular online exchanges have faced this problem. In that matter, it is never a good choice to keep your funds on some online account. Instead of that, use a hard drive to keep your funds safe.

Furthermore, while there are some indications that investing in this option can be the right move, there is also a huge potential for ETH to become more valuable. There are some excellent features that this unit is offering, and an advanced method of data transferring is one of the most important. Also, if they manage to combine features that are seen on Zcash, all of the existing features will be improved even more. In that matter, maybe the best solution is to be more flexible and invest in both options.

Last Words

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Keep in mind that having a good plan is essential for successful trading in this market. The crucial part is to determine the amount of money to start with. The focus should be on choosing one where losing a bit of it won’t be a problem. Also, you should not expect to earn a lot of money overnight. Changes in values are quite common, and the point is to determine the right moment for any action. You will be able to do that only if you learn more about the factors that are affecting this market.