10 Tips to Make Your Website More SEO-Friendly

For most people, SEO sounds like a confusing and complex thing. Well, we would lie if we say that the optimization of your website is an easy task. Still, it is definitely one of the key factors that will have an impact on your business success. That’s why you won’t be able to run away from it.

The market in today’s world is more competitive than ever. Because of that, businesses from every field strive to get to the first page of Google. People are googling for various things online every single day. Still, most of us usually click on the first 5 or 6 suggestions in the search engine results pages.

In other words, good SEO gives you an opportunity to increase the traffic to your website. Because of that, we want to provide you with 10 tips that will help you make your website more SEO-friendly.

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1. Unique Content


Google’s algorithm is the “machine” that decides if your website deserves to become a top suggestion for the visitors. The first thing that this algorithm doesn’t “like” is duplicated content.

It doesn’t matter if you write content on your website independently or you outsource this sort of service. Always check if those pieces are completely or mostly unique. We know it is hard to write a completely different article or blog, but try to make it at least 90% unique. In that way, you won’t be considered as a scam by Google.

2. High-Quality Content


Google’s algorithm is still a machine and it can’t determine who’s a good writer or not. Yet, the time that your visitors spend on the website is something that algorithm checks. If your content is boring or grammatically incorrect, the visitor won’t spend a lot of his time researching your website. That will always have a negative impact on your rankings.

Always use short sentences and short paragraphs. Do not try to be too formal; instead, use a friendly and conversational tone that is easy-to-read.

3. Use Internal Links

Everything that happens on the Internet happens fast. People got used to that and that’s why they won’t spend a lot of effort to research things deeply. Even if they like your content, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will research the entire website. Because of that, it is recommendable to include internal links in your content. Exactly as important are the internal links, are the external links and for such task, it’s always best to hire an agent who is good at link building and our recommendation for this job has always been the company https://aiad.com.au/.

Internal links are links that lead to another article or any other piece of content on your website. For example, you talk about the topic that you previously mentioned in some of your blog posts. It is hard to believe that the user is going to check that alone. So, our advice is to pick 2 or 3 keywords and include a link to the relevant website page/post.

4. Keywords


Keywords are the unskippable part when we talk about SEO. People have some common terms or phrases that they type in the Google search box. Most of those phrases usually start with the question “How to…”, but they are not the only ones. That’s why you should use some tools such as Google Keyword Planner that will tell you which keywords are the most relevant ones.

Mentioning keywords only once in the article is not enough. It is necessary to repeat them a couple of times through the article in natural places. However, these repetitions also have limits. Repeating them more than enough won’t boost your rankings. Actually, Google will consider that as a scam.


If this sounds confusing, it would be better to ask for help. For instance, www.seovancouver.ca is the place where you should ask for that help. You will find many valuable pieces of information.

5. Picture Optimization

Believe it or not, pictures can also help you improve your rankings on Google. When you pick the relevant keyword, it is important to include it in the picture as well. You will do that by writing that word or phrase in the caption of the picture.

6. Use Simple URLs


This is probably something that most website owners forget to change or improve. You have probably seen URLs of many websites that contain a combination of numbers and letters. Well, if you have seen something like that, then you have seen the example of a bad URL.

Each page on your website should have a different and simple URL. For example, if you want to make a link for the “About Us” page, then the link should be www.nameofthewebsite.com/about-me. People will know what to expect on that link and there are bigger chances that they will actually click on it.

Besides that, the links to blog posts also need to be simple and clear. We suggest you use the title of the article (or at least the part of the title) because it will be searchable. It is important to use the main keyword there. Read more on https://erabright.co/atlanta-seo-company/.

7. Make it Compatible for All Devices


You can’t expect that all the visitors are going to visit your website via laptop or computer device. More precisely, mobile devices are becoming more and more popular for Internet researching in the last few years. It is necessary that your site is compatible for all sorts of devices. That is the only way to ensure good user experience.

8. Add Social Media Buttons


There are around billion social media monthly active users and that is the benefit you should use. If the reader likes the article/blog post that you wrote, there is a big chance he would want to share it. You can make that process easier by adding social media buttons at the beginning and at the end of the article. This will ensure you better reach which will automatically boost your SEO on Google.

9. Answer on Comments

Some visitors would spend their time to start a debate about the topic you analyzed in your article. It doesn’t matter if these comments are positive or negative. It is important for your rankings to answer to them.

We don’t want to say that this is going to have an influence on your SEO directly. Still, you will make some sort of community that will ensure you that. For instance, if you start a debate, people will call other people to visit the website and become part of that debate as well. It will directly boost the number of visitors and you already know what that means for your rankings.

10. Boost Speed of Your Website


We already said that people become inpatient. Most of the visitors won’t start checking the website if they have they need to wait to see it for more than 10 seconds. Besides, there are metrics that show how fast your website is. Google’s algorithm also counts that as an important factor. Do not use “heavy” pictures and other promotional stuff. Collaborate only with hosting companies with good customer service. In this situation, you need someone that will react quickly.