5 Custom Sticker Types To Use For Event Promotion – 2024 Guide

Although we live in the digital age when almost everyone owns a mobile phone – it doesn’t mean that marketing should be practiced only online. On the contrary, we shouldn’t neglect all those other forms of marketing that often have a greater effect. One such type of marketing is the one related to the use of stickers.

The success of this type of marketing lies in the fact that it is tangible. Stickers have been and will remain one of the clearest ways to advertise an event or promote a product. Why? Simply because they can be glued to all possible visible places. We will advise you which stickers are best suited for the promotion of certain events. Therefore, we reveal to you 5 custom sticker types you can use for event promotion.

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Advertising Stickers And Their Benefit

The modern world is focused on digitalization. Today, everything we need – we can find online. However, we shouldn’t forget some of the means of traditional marketing such as printed advertising materials. This type of marketing is still very successful in practice. Although today many people think that printing stickers, flyers, T-shirts, or calendars are a bad investment – the practice shows us different results.

As with digital, so with traditional marketing – you need to know what to do. Marketing is a tool that serves to reach your consumers – and it’s up to you to decide how to use it. Stickers still draw the attention of people – with their attractive shapes, colors, holograms, etc. Although they are primarily a means of advertising –  they can also serve as a means of informing. For example, a sticker indicating that smoking is not allowed in a certain room. Either way, we have to admit that the effect that stickers achieve is still great.

How Stickers Can Affect Your Business, Brand, Etc.

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Promotional material can be great for everyone, especially for younger audiences, who are more demanding. The fact is, they are always looking for a more original approach – and beautiful and fun design. Although nowadays branding has turned to digital – you still have the opportunity to take over the user’s attention with things such as promotional stickers. First of all, stickers provide something that can be felt with the hands – something that will serve that user, and that will convey your message.

A sticker can be an ideal marketing tool because you can also give it to the user as a gift. We all love gifts, and when we get something  – we have the feeling that someone is thinking of us, and that they care. This is exactly the positive image of the brand or event that the sticker can promote. Not to forget that such stickers can be personalized or customized – so that they represent some special product or an event.

Custom Sticker Types To Use For Event Promotion

1. Irregularly shaped stickers

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Printing irregularly shaped stickers involves making stickers in a certain shape – almost whatever you can imagine. They come in all possible colors, shapes, and sizes. For example, stickers in the form of cartoon characters, or characters from famous movies can be quite interesting. It is not uncommon to use just such “shaped” stickers for promotional purposes when screening new films – or promoting brands whose trademark these characters are.

2. Address stickers

Are you planning a corporate event like a professional seminar – to which you need to invite people? Then, this is a perfect solution for you. Address labels are intended for printing addresses, which are usually pasted on envelopes or catalogs that are sent. However, if necessary, they can also be placed on personalized flyers. There is a growing number of customers who realize that addressing by using a sticker, instead of a handwritten address – is an important detail for the consciousness of users. That way, they will understand that your company treats its customers with special respect – investing in the company’s image. The basic rule of any professional inter-corporate communication – is an original, clear, and professionally done detail such as address stickers. That will set you apart from many competitors – and create a different relationship with customers.

3. Product stickers

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Are you promoting your new product? Stickers are an indispensable part of this kind of work. The sticker, in this case, describes your brand – and sets you apart from the competition. Every product that we come across – our brain processes as attractive or unattractive, in less than a second. Psychological and marketing research agree on one thing: Packaging is what most often sells a product, and attractive packaging with labels of colorful or unusual colors – will help the unconscious part of the consumer’s brain to quickly decide on this type of choice.

Experts from companies like zigpac.com that make custom waterproof stickers will help you with the entire process – from the initial design to the final finishing details. The ultimate goal is to get product labels just tailored to your needs and taste. In addition to experience and quality technology – when choosing a company for the production of stickers, you must also take into account the quality, speed of service, and price.

4. Double-sided stickers

Double-sided stickers are treated as layered stickers – which are most often used for commercial purposes. They are most visible on business premises – where you can see the same content, text, or photo, on both sides. For example, you’ve probably seen the credit card payment signs on the door of the restaurant, which are visible from both sides – the entrance and the exit. These stickers come in different sizes and shapes – and according to the wishes, requirements, and preparation of the client.

5. Wine labels

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Events such as the promotion of some good wine – are important not only for oenologists but also for all lovers and admirers of wine. Of course, stickers play an important role in this case as well. Along with a wide range of stickers of various shapes – we shouldn’t forget the classic stickers of wide purpose and regular shapes, such as wine stickers. The making of wine labels is processed by machines of the latest generation – which enable quality and a wealth of permanent colors that will beautify every bottle.