10 Travel Irons In 2024

Ironing while you travel is something nobody really thinks about. You do not need a common house chore while you are relaxing. The hotel and motel staff have services that you can pay extra for in case of emergencies, and people usually wear enough clothes so as to never have to wash or iron. Sometimes however, a travel iron can be a lifesaver. Therefore, such an investment might be exactly what you need in your home. In this article, we will go over 10 of the best travel irons in 2024.

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10. Zoyer’s Steam Travel Iron 1200-Watt


Lightweight irons are much more convenient and beneficial than older, traditional models we use at home. With a travel iron like this, ironing on the go is smooth and simple. You can easily do it while the clothes hang, and that is just the simplest feature. It only uses water to run, which means it is ecofriendly.

It reduces the carbon footprint on the environments, while giving you straight clothes. There is also a swivel power cord that rotates 360 degrees with minimum cable tangling. An adjustable thermostat and a variable steam control are also present, meaning this is a highly functional model. The temperature adjustment is simple to navigate. Lastly, the sole plate is made from a unique none-stick material that makes is safe to use as it eliminates overheating.

9. Steamfast Sf-750 Travel Iron, Steam


Efficient ironing is always crucial, especially for travel irons. The steam fast SF750 travel iron model gives you quick ironing sessions even on the most wrinkled clothes. Furthermore, it works well on any and all materials ad types of clothes.

The 1000 watts rating are responsible for the removal of even the most stubborn wrinkles on all fabrics, while the large and easy to use temperature control dial and two steam buttons help you adjust everything easily. One more important feature is the dual voltage feature. The design is compact even among the most other travel size irons. The grip is amazing, and although it is a bit heavier, it helps with balance and efficiency.

8. SMAGREHO Travel Steam Mini Dual- Voltage Dry Iron


For some of the most successful, entertaining, and easiest ironing on the go, try this SMAGREHO travel iron. It works at 420 watts and it can eliminate wrinkles from any type of fabrics. The tank holds 1.4 ounces, which means a lot of clothes can be ironed.

Best of all, it heats up in only 15 seconds, and three temperature settings are very convenient. Compact and portable, it is ideal for both home and travel scenarios. An upbeat LED indicator light enhances your use, and the iron can be used for steam and dry ironing. Last thing worth mentioning is the flexible power cord, so no tangling will occur.

7. Hamilton Beach 10092 Steam Travel Iron


This Hamilton Beach steam iron will allow you to quickly iron that urgent pile of clothes that appears out of nowhere on your holiday. Perfect for travelling, it offers you fast service on all fabrics. With a total of 800 watts of power, the small, light, and compact iron can eliminate all of the annoying ugly wrinkles that appear.

This is also a dual voltage model, with 240V and 120 volts options available. The tank has a capacity of 70ml water, enough for a moderate pile of clothes at once. Furthermore, the steam rate is 9 grams per minute, while the continuous steam function means it is better than a lot of the competition. It is an affordable solution for your on the go ironing. Lastly, it has a stainless steel soleplate.

6. Utopia Home Steam Iron Nonstick Soleplate – best for Travel


Utopia is a big name in the iron industry. Their reputation is excellent quality of a wide range of different appliances. The steam iron received a lot of positive feedback regards, and all of the customer love it. This iron sports a compact and lightweight design, and combines it with a powerful coil. Except the amazing steam ironing, it is also good at dry ironing, even for your most delicate clothes.

The sole plate is nonstick steel that makes the device smoothly glide and slide on all clothes. There is a 2 polarized pin plug, as well as a 360-degree, 2m swivel cable. This length gives you plenty of space to work and maneuver. The adjustable thermostat and overheat protection gives you great convenience. Safe to use, the brand guarantees a long lifespan. For comfort, the shape is ergonomic with comfortable handle.

5. Pursteam Travel Iron Dual-Voltage 420W Power with Steam


When you travel, you need to look good. Moreover, since you cannot carry your whole wardrobe, the things you can carry have to be clean and wrinkle free. This is why you need a quality travel iron you can always carry with you. This Pursteam travel model is the ultimate device for the on the move ironing, as it can keep your clothes spotless.

The continuous heating function provides 30% more steam flow than the usual steam irons, and the dual voltage is handy too. The power cable is 6.5 feet long, for excellent maneuverability even with limited ironing areas. There are also LED illuminated buttons that tell you when the device is ready. The dial grips well, so changing and regulating the temperatures is simple. The price is affordable, and the value is great.

4. Ivation Mini Travel Iron -Dual -Voltage Compact Design


The next entry on our list is a model by Ivation, which is a great supplier of many on the go and home appliances. It is a professionally designed travel iron with many satisfied customers. First of all, it gives you a great dual voltage function to use it anywhere in the world.

The power t uses is 420 watts, and it easily deals with any kind of fabric. The ergonomic and lightweight design gives a lot of comfort, and it is a genuine breeze to use. When you start it, it heats in just 15 seconds, while the innovative anti-drip design gives you zero chance of skin burns. Finally, you also get overheat protection.

3. Steamfast SF-717 Dual Voltage Mini-Travel Steam Irons


It does not matter what situation you find yourself in. If you need ironing on your away time, the Steamfast SF 717 mini travel iron will rid your clothes of wrinkles. If you have blouses, skirts, pants, linens, quilts, or anything else, you will be covered. Thanks to this travel iron, a chemical free freshness will be available for your clothes at all times. The dual voltage feature is of course there.

The build is lightweight but strong, for the ease of use. The uniquely shaped sole plate works smoothly, and slides easily slides over any type of garments. The tank can hold 1.4 ounces of water capacity. To finish things up, we must mention it also has a quick heating feature, as well as different temperature settings.

2. Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Compact 800 Watt, Mini Travel Iron


The second to last portable travel iron for today will make you look sleek and fashionable, however far away from home you are. Perfect for light touch-ups and corrections, it will be a trusty companion on the move. However, when you need deep wrinkles, it will also deliver.

The dual voltage feature gives you convenience, and the shot of steam feature is there for benefits of real, full-size irons. The sole plate is smooth, while the steam settings are multiple. For comfort while you iron, the handle offers a soft and firm grip. The soft touch dial is also present, and the whole iron sports a smart, white color.

1.BLACK+DECKER Compact Iron Easy Steam, IR40V


The last, and arguably the best model on the list, is a device by a heavyweight among all devices and appliances you need for your home. Black and Decker is an exceptional name in many different industries, and they are a fan favorite for good reason.

With their compact, feature rich travel iron, you will no longer have to worry about anything ironing related wherever you are. The smart steam technology regulates the amount based on the temperature settings, which you can change according to your needs. The shut off feature is there for safety, while the auto drip feature ensures that the water will remain in steam state. Last but not least, the true glide nonstick soleplate gives the users of this sleek iron an extremely smooth gliding over any fabric type you have.


Now that you are familiar with how you can easily iron your clothes on vacations, business trips, or even at home, it is time to purchase the one you like the best. Navigate through their features and designs, and get the one you like the most. At the end, it does not matter what you decide because you will not be disappointed. These travel irons will be your new best friends, and the first thing you will put in the suitcase before your next time away from the comfort of your home!