2020 Honda Accord – It’s Coming

Honda Accord has been improved in the past years to get a better model each time a make comes out. In 2018, it was redesigned changing its look (both interior and exterior) as well as its engine design. The new model will have more powerful turbocharged engines. 2024 Honda Accord is expected to be a carryover model since it has not taken long in the design stage. You can learn more here.

This means that we do not expect many changes. When the car is finally launched, it will not have any visible changes. The few improvements will only be felt when inside and driving the car. The car will remain to:

  • Display a mature look that comes with a coupe-like glass in the rear.
  • It will have a long hood
  • this model will include sleek body linesOn the onside things will be almost the same with the previous models. The most visible features will be:
  • the car will have a number of soft-touch materials
  • It will have an infotainment screen (floating)
  • This car model comes with a lot of advanced technology.
  • Check for premium materials. The car is fitted with high trim levels.

With little to no changes expected, 2024 Accord feature list is expected to remain with very gorgeous features. These features include standard 17-inch wheels, automatic climate control (dual zone), keyless ignition, big enough infotainment system (7 inches), it will have an android auto, Apple car play as well as other awesome features.

In place of the V6 fuel- hungry in the 2018 Accord design, the 2024 model is designed and with turbocharged engines. This will mean that this car model won’t be a fuel guzzler. If all this information is the final, the 2024 Honda Accord model will come with a 1.5 L engine (turbocharged), the engine will be a 4 cylinder type and will be able to deliver 192 horsepower. It will be able to produce a 192 pound-feet torque. The 2024 accord engine comes with a great variable transmission system, with an option of a six-speed manual transmission to choose. Pros of this new 4-cylinder Honda Accord engine is great gas mileage combined with new-age performance with the help of a modern turbocharger. This new manufacturing model of designing engines with smaller displacements and turbochargers produces engines that perform just as good as larger displacement engines and get better gas mileage. You can read more on the specifications of numerous different Honda engines here.

2020 Honda Accord also has an optional 2.0 L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. It will be able to pump 252 horsepower and 273 lb-feet of torque. When buying this type you will get an option of six-speed manual transmission or 10-speed automatic transmission.

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It’s expected that the 2024 Accord will retain or improve safety standards that have been set by the 2018 model. Currently, Honda Accord has the best safety gadgets that include:
Forward collision warnings that come with automatic emergency brakes. This feature has made the 2018 Accord earn IIHS Top security rating. It has scored excellently in all crash tests. The car model has a great rating in preventing forward collision. The ratings will most probably remain the same in the 2024 Accord model.

Release Date

The Honda Accord 2024 has no set release date but with the history of the car model, it leads us with a date in 2019. We expect a date to be announced.


This car model will not have many changes and therefore we will not expect changes in the price range. We expect it to remain close to that of 2018 Accord ($24,640 to $36,870, inclusive of destination fees).