3 Glass Bottle Manufacturers

When considering the sea of options of glass bottle manufacturer companies, we have singled out the best ones in our opinion. According to the current market requirements and demands we have made a list of three glass bottle companies that should be mentioned anywhere in the world: Chongqing Hengjing Glass, Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass, and Beatson Clark.

Chongqing Hengjing Glass Co.

The HENGJING Glass Company was established in 2013, in Chongqing or better to say in the Beibei District. The professional strength of the company is in the experienced and skillful employees and the wish to put the bar up for the competition on the market. Investing regularly in advanced equipment and excellent management team has led to results in the numerous manufacturing potential it has today.


Focusing their production on their values “Quality first, Quality paramount”, offers options in the field of producing high-quality glass bottles. The premium brand HENGJING in the field of glassware allows you to choose between product types:  Glass bottle/ Wine bottle series – Whisky bottle,  Liquor bottle,, Vodka bottle, V.S.O.P bottle, etc.  Glassware series – Brandy snifter, Decanter, Advertising cup,  Cocktail glass,  Red wine glass/Goblet, Split pot, and others like  Glass light-fixture, Wine divider, Tumbler, etc. Over 200 different specified product of outstanding quality for your liking.

Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co.

Located in the Yuncheng Shandong, China represents a leader and the most prominent super flint glass bottle manufactory in Asia. Even though it was founded in 2009, it has rapidly grown with its glass bottle production, and today represents a leader in the mentioned market field.


Focusing on its principle of high quality and high definition for further increase potential, it successfully combines innovations and implementation in the production. The Ruisheng Glass Co has invested in two sets of IS machines, three production lines of CNC manual machines, along with 8S machine and CNC machines used for production most exceptional glass bottle there is to offer.

The company itself hires ver 500 employees with continuously investing in all levels of education, especially in the group of skilled engineers to lead the way forward to results. The main products and market which is targeted by the Ruisheng Glass Company is the market of high-quality and perfect design of brandy bottle, jam bottle, vodka bottle, whiskey bottle, liquor bottle, etc.

Their daily output is over 120000pcs, while their production of middle-grade glass bottles goes around 200000pcs a day. For more information on the company, visit here.

Beatson Clark Co.

When speaking about glass bottle manufactures we must mention one that has been present on the market since 1751. Evolving from making glass containers for the Pharmaceutical industry to the Food & Beverage markets during the 1970s and 1980s with its long heritage, it is a symbol and example of the topic at hand.


The focus and the target of the Beatson Clark are both the food & beverage ranges dominating the market of the UK. As you can understand, such a manufacturer with its name, brand, tradition carefully invests in their product innovations to stay up with the competition on the global market.

Over 750 people are employed in this company, with an accent on investing in the education of the current employees, along with hiring the experts available in the field of glass bottle production.