5 Best Alternatives to WordPress for Blogging in 2024

Running a personal blog is a tough process because of many reasons. You need to take care of everything from design and SEO to engaging content and promotion on social media.

However, there is one thing that we need to say. Modern bloggers do not have the same troubles as bloggers many years ago. Being a blogger is easier today because many platforms can ensure you easy blogging. Logically, the most popular CMS for blogging in the world is WordPress. We believe that you have heard about WP even if you have never been a blogger before.

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Is WordPress the Only Choice?


Fortunately, the range of alternatives that you have is huge. WP may be the most popular CMS in the world. However, there is a huge number of them that come with similar features. They can help you become a better blogger and share your content in the best possible way.

Yet, before we start with the list, let’s make something clear. These blogging platforms are a truly helpful tool. However, that doesn’t mean they are magical.


For example, keyword stuffing, link building, and other things are still your main task. You need to improve your knowledge about the digital marketing area to reach a certain success. If you are not educated enough, you can always hire companies like dadkhah and ask for help.

Now, when we made these things clear, let’s see the best alternatives to WordPress for blogging in 2024.


There is a big chance that you have heard about this CMS. They invested a lot of money on YouTube commercials. You have probably seen their ads when you were listening to a song on his streaming platform.


When you check the WP themes, you will see that this platform offers a huge number of designs. They are all suitable for different types of businesses. Yet, that doesn’t mean you do not need to possess any coding skills. Many times you will have to add a code to customize the entire theme for your needs. However, things are different when we talk about Wix.

With this CMS, you literally move the elements that you need with a click of the mouse. Your only task would be to drop them right where you want them. We believe that this feature makes things a lot easier. Despite that, the animations and backgrounds won’t be a problem as well.

Still, there is one small disadvantage associated with Wix. When you pick the template, you won’t have the option to change it later. Despite that, the users won’t have access to the source file. Still, this maybe isn’t a disadvantage if you have an in-depth plan of the template.


ell, if you are looking for an assisted website builder, then Jimdo is a perfect choice for you. Currently, around 20 million websites have been created on this platform. You don’t have to use the advanced version immediately. Instead, we recommend you pick a free basic plan and try out the platform.


Still, the paid plans also bring many opportunities. You won’t have only the web editor; you will also get content, images, and a simple online store. We can say that this is the main advantage of this platform.
Are there any disadvantages?

There is one that WordPress fans might not love. The templates themselves are not equally flexible. It is a great choice for beginners. However, experienced bloggers might not like it.



Currently, around 40 million blogs are using this platform for sharing content. This number shows that this alternative is quality enough. This is especially a good choice if you are looking for something free of charge. If you pick a free plan, then you will have a small gray Weebly banner in the footer of the website. However, we believe that is not a huge problem, right?

When we talk about flexibility, we can say this is one of the most flexible platforms you can find on the market. It won’t be a problem to design different types of layouts. Despite that, you will find many available elements such as contact form, video integration, galleries, etc. There are also some features necessary for bloggers like categories, tags, comments, and similar.



Joomla has a long tradition and it is not one of the newer platforms on the market. Still, you will hear different opinions about this platform. If you thought that WordPress is a complex CMS, then you should try out Joomla. Many people will tell you it is the most complex blogging platform on the market. We can agree that Joomla has some difficult features. Yet, that doesn’t mean that this platform is not powerful. More precisely, it is quite the opposite.

The main advantage of this platform is the security of the blog. There are two different reasons why Joomla is safe. First of all, many hackers are usually attracted by the most popular CMSs. Joomla is not quite popular, especially now when many blogging platforms are less complex. Despite that, there is also a 2-factor authentification built right in.



This builder can be a quite helpful tool for a certain group of people. More precisely, it can be a great choice for people that need a multilingual website builder. This feature is something you won’t be able to find quite often.
Of course, we do not want to say that WordPress is not offering this type of feature. Yet, it is primarily designed to be in one language only. Yet, with different plugins, you will get an option to translate your website into different languages.

We believe that businesses that are working on different markets would be happy to pick this option. Yet, we also need to say that flexibility and quality is not equal to WordPress. For example, it doesn’t have some basic features like tags and categories. Still, it has some other advantages that you should use.


Once again, we need to say that all these tools are not magical. You can use their advanced features to make your work easier. However, the success of the bloggers depends only on their content.