What Every Youtube Influencer Should Understand About the Platform?

If you’re a YouTube influencer, you need to keep up with the trends and the news about this platform if you want to keep being successful. Although most YouTubers try to read news and listen to videos daily or weekly about YouTube news and try to at least keep themselves minimally informed.

This usually just means they are missing the forest for the trees, however, as most YouTubers don’t take a step back and learn to look at the bigger picture and industry-wide trends. This article will try to mention some of them and give you an idea where the industry is heading: 


Demonetizing Extreme Videos Was Probably the Right Choice and Will Help the Platform Grow

One thing that made the rounds and is still is a topic of hot debate is the fact that YouTube is using demonetization much more than it used to. Now, topics regarding politics or sexuality might be demonetized. This was generally viewed negatively by the community, and many Youtubers, big and small pronounced, the death of free speech like they do every so often, but it seems it is a good thing for the platform. 


Most people think that YouTube is invisible and too big to fail, but if we closely follow its progress minutely in the most recent 5 years, we’ll see that it is far more vulnerable than it might appear, and the people at YouTube have a really hard time keeping advertisers satisfied. The only reason it is so successful has so many content creators on it, and provides excellent services for consumers is the fact that it can constantly attract advertisers and sell them ads. Without this, none of it would be possible and the business model would immediately fail.  This move ensured that for a few years to come, the platform is more friendly to businesses and it can keep growing and improving. 

There are Some Long-Tail Risks Involved in Staying a YouTube Content Creator 

If you’re a YouTube creator, you should understand the risks involved, and you should do everything in your power to prepare for them and mitigate them: 


  • Making YouTube a more friendly place for advertisers doesn’t come at no cost. There will be some collateral damage and some content creators will lose their channels/revenue streams. You could potentially be one of those, and you should keep it in mind.
  • It is appearing on the radar of more and more politicians, nowadays, and it seems a lot of them aren’t happy with how it works. The narrative of “breaking up big tech” is becoming more prevalent and acceptable by the day, and in the end, the creators will be the #1 collateral damage from any such policy. 
  • There are still copyright trolls active: although YouTube is actively trying to handle them, and even brought a lawsuit against one recently, they still remain one of the major sources of pain for content creators. If you get one or two copyright strikes, you’ll stop having the ability to monetize your videos and lose your source of income. 


All these tail risks have made platforms like fourthwall.com extremely popular. They’ll help you create diversified sources of income and help you direct your followers to your other social media platforms. It is an excellent way to minimize the risk involved in being a YouTube Influencer.