5 Food to Avoid During Pregnancy in 2024

Having a child is the most beautiful thing without any doubt. You maybe won’t be able to sleep a lot, and you can mostly forget about your free time. Still, even with these two things, everyone who is a parent will tell you it is the most beautiful moment that they had.


Anyway, it is also not a secret that pregnancy is the most sensitive period in the life of any woman. That’s why there are a couple of rules that each pregnant woman should follow. One of those things is the change in the food and beverage that we previously consumed. We do not want to say that each element from our list is completely forbidden. Some of them you can consume rarely. Yet, it is necessary to know that there are some products that we need entirely to avoid.

Let’s start with the list.

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1. Undercooked or Raw Fish


Maybe you didn’t know, but raw fish can cause different types of infection. This especially counts when we talk about shellfish. For instance, Listeria, Salmonella, and Vibrio are the things that this type of product can cause. In some cases, these infections only affect moms. They start to be weak and dehydrated. Yet, if the infection is stronger, it can bring some serious problems to the unborn baby.

From all the diseases that we mentioned, Listeria is the most dangerous one. A pregnant woman has the chance to get infected by Listeria up to 20 times more.

Still, it is not the point just to avoid eating it. It maybe sounds strange, but war fish can infect you while you prepare it. More precisely, it shares bacteria during drying and smoking.

The worst-case scenario is that sometimes moms do not even feel any signs of illness. However, Listeria can be passed to an unborn baby through the placenta. The results of that can be premature delivery, stillbirth, miscarriage, and some health problems.

2. Undercooked, Raw, and Processed Meat


Moms, we suggest strongly not to eat any type of raw or processed meat. It can cause infection from different bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Toxoplasma, and Listeria. You may think that we are paranoid, but here are the reasons why we tell you this.

Any of the bacteria that we mention can hurt the health of your unborn child. This includes stillbirth and some neurological illnesses such as blindness, epilepsy, and intellectual disability. In most cases, the bacteria are “located” on the surface of the whole piece of meat. Yet, some of them can be in the muscle fibers. Because of that, meat patties, minced meat, burgers, and things like that should never be consumed undercooked or raw. We can add lunch meat, deli meat, and hot dogs to this list.

3. Raw Eggs


Raw eggs maybe do not cause many diseases, but it is one of the things that you should avoid. It can cause Salmonella. Yes, indeed, Salmonella usually hurts the health of the mother in most cases. For instance, she can experience things like vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, fever, and diarrhea. Yet, the worst-case scenario is possible as well. If the infection causes cramps in the uterus, things like stillbirth and premature are possible as well.

You are probably wondering which foods contain raw eggs. Here are some of them that we want to highlight

  • Homemade ice-cream
  • Homemade mayonnaise
  • Poached eggs
  • Lightly scrambled eggs
  • Cake icings, etc.

We know that most of the homes contain some of these products in the refrigerator. That’s why we think they are the most important. We encourage you to do your research and see which products can be added to this list.

4. Organ Meat


Okay, here we come to the part of the foods that you might consume with some limits. Organ meat is healthy because of the vitamins that contain it. For instance, it includes vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron, and cooper. All these vitamins are perfect for the improvement of the mother’s and child’s health.

Yet, there is one thing that you need to know. Consuming too much animal-based vitamin A is not something we recommend. A huge consummation of vitamin A can cause vitamin A toxicity. Besides that, it can cause high copper levels that can cause liver toxicity and congenital disabilities.

Our recommendation is to eat organ meat only once per week.

5. Caffeine


Caffeine is one of the most common psychoactive substances that people use around the world. In most cases, people consume this substance through tea, coffee, cocoa, and soft drinks.

We do not want to say that pregnant women should completely avoid drinking coffee. However, it is strictly recommendable to consume less than 200 mg of caffeine per day. That would mean that you should limit your coffee drinking on 2 or 3 cups per day.

As you know, caffeine is absorbed very quickly, which helps him to pass into the placenta and fetus easily. However, the placentas of the unborn babies do not have the main enzyme which should metabolize caffeine. Because of that, the high levels of this substance can build up.

So, why is this dangerous for your unborn child?

A high level of caffeine can hurt fetal growth and increases the risk of low birth weight. The low pressure is defined as less than 2.5 kilograms. That weight can lead to infant death and a higher risk of chronic diseases in adulthood — for instance, heart disease and diabetes type 2.



We are glad if our article helped you and we hope that you will listen to our pieces of advice. Anyway, we suggest you go to the doctor actively and check the progress of your baby actively. We do not want to say that you need to go to the doctor each day. There might be a way that you will like it. You can contact some doctors online and ask all the questions that are associated with pregnancy. That’s why we suggest you visit Your Doctors Online and inform yourself more.