5 Steps to B2B Social Media Marketing Success For Your Business

When someone talks about B2B marketing strategies, the first thing that comes into mind is a conveyor belt of direct messages and emails sent to an already existing clientele or prospective customers. Generally, here is how it plays out. Your marketing department creates a compelling and persuasive message that resonates with your audience pitching them on your services.

And although this practice is still widely accepted as a viable marketing tool aspect, such B2B strategies have continued to evolve, plus the behavior patterns of professional services buyers have changed. As a result, most companies are gravitating toward digital marketing platforms. In fact, according to a recent conducted by Gartner, 28% of marketing professionals are diverting a large percentage of their traditional advertising budgets to digital advertising.

This gravitation towards digital B2B marketing is helping reach audiences that were overlooked by traditional advertising. With the ROI emanating from digital advertising returns, marketers across the world have now started to appreciate this new front in B2B advertising.

In this article, we are going to look at what is B2B marketing, the benefits, tips to succeed in your campaign, and learn how you can hire dedicated react JS developers to help you build SEO friendly websites. For more details check mobilunity.com.

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Definition of B2B Marketing


Simply put, it is a cohort of techniques used by companies to sell their products and services to other businesses. Contrary to B2C marketing, B2B initiatives are required to consider that purchasing decisions don’t lie within an individual, so the campaign must educate and sell to multiple individuals within the same enterprise.

According to a recent report by Forrester, it is estimated that the US B2B industry revenues will hit the $1.8 trillion mark by 2024. This is as a result of an annual CAGR of 10% over the next five years or so.

A different report by Sullivan has gone a notch higher suggesting that the Global B2B e-commerce sales will surpass the $6.6 trillion mark by the year 2024. This is compared to the $3.2 trillion in sales revenue that will be generated from the B2C sector.

Going by these two different reports, it’s safe to assume that the upward trend for B2B marketing isn’t slowing down any time soon.  This means stiffer competition for new entrants, coupled with ever-changing buyer behavior forcing companies to adopt new technologies and overhaul their entire B2B strategies.

Benefits of B2B Social Media Marketing

Increase Exposure

Stepping up your B2B marketing strategy online helps elevate your brand awareness and build trust with your buyers. These online platforms allow you to build rapport with current and even potential clients. Additionally, how you interact with them gives them an opportunity to lift the veil and see what your business is made of.

Some of the ways you can increase your brand’s exposure via social media include:

  • Frequently posting relevant and quality content.
  • Encouraging your customers to interact.
  • Remaining consistent in line of the industry you work in.

Drive Traffic


According to a 2018 report, it is estimated that we spend an average of 3 hours per day on social media. As such, people may initially interact with your business on social media, then develop curiosity- ultimately clicking on your website.

SEO is obviously important for generating traffic. However, if you are operating React sites, you may face difficulties in your content getting indexed by Google. However, you can hire javascript developer to help out and the pages visible once searched by your customers.

Potential Partners are Online


Social media platforms also give you the opportunity to reach out and collaborate with potential business partners. According to a recent survey by Facebook indicated that 74% of business executives are 2 times more to be online on the platform compared to any other types of users.

Business owners also use social platforms to coordinate activities, build social connections, and build trust. Once you have an online presence, chances of meeting a business partner are high.

Reduced Elevated Costs

Thanks to seamless supply string that comes with B22 marketing, you can reduce the elevated costs with up to 30% eventually improving your bottom line.

How do you run a successful B2B SMM?

5 Steps to Creating Successful B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

Clearly Define your Goals and Objectives


The first step to creating a successful B2B social media marketing plan is to clearly define your business goals and objectives. Generally, they should be specific, measurable, and both short-term and long term.

For most B2B companies, the primary marketing objectives are usually:

  • Lead generation: Turning all the blog readers and casual social media followers into qualified leads.
  • Creating brand awareness: The number of businesses you are looking to reach with your message or churning out content that is SEO friendly.
  • Customer loyalty: Offering value to your clients by creating relevant content.

Identify your Target Audience


For B2B social media marketing, the primary idea is to build a trustworthy relationship with your audience that could eventually turn them into lasting customers. This means that extremely important to identify and understand your audience and tailor your content to meet their needs.

The key to succeeding lies in creating content from their own experience and not yours. After all, ideas that make sense to you may not resonate with your audience. On top of the customer care desk feedback report, there are plenty of tools that can help you avoid this knowledge bias. They include;

  • Google Keyword Tool – Used to identify common and favorable terms used by frequent online buyers/ companies.
  • Google Search Console – Used to identify website page activities.
  • Google Analytics – Gives you in-depth details about the site visitors including their location.

Assemble the Right Team


Having the right people in the right place (or the opposite) could make or break your B2B advertising strategy.

Yes! Your son in law might know his way around computers but that should give him an express ticket to run your social media marketing. For instance, ReactJS is one of the leading frameworks for online marketing that is widely used for SEO purposes. You need to find ReactJS developers who are skilled instead of placing your company’s online reputation to an amateur.

The same should go to the team that posts your content online. They should clearly know your plan, capture your voice, and effectively escalate customer issues once they can’t handle them.

Choose the Right Tools


When your B2B company is experimenting with social media marketing, it’s important to note that the platform choice could be the determining factor of the campaign’s success. For instance, one may argue that LinkedIn is the mother or B2B online marketing and an excellent tool to set your business as the market leader. However, your best bet for photo and video-based online advertisement could be Instagram and Pinterest.

Unlike B2C companies that deal directly with customers, B2B directly engage with companies. This means that your social media marketing efforts must be shipped in the direction and on the right platform.

Create a Calendar and Live By It

Consistency is key in B2B social media marketing. If companies are going to lean towards your brand, you need to create and maintain a sustained feel and look. For this, you will need to frequently post at a predetermined interval ensuring you reach a good number of your audience without paying to boost your ads or posts.

Ideal Structure of a B2B Marketing Team

Depending on the size of the company, the B2B marketing constitutes of Leader, Content Manager, Website Manager, Paid Acquisition Manager, Marketing OPS manager, and Social Media and PR Manager.

For purposes of this article, we are going to look at the Website Manager. This is because most companies tend to overlook this position as it is deemed to be more relevant in the IT department.

Mainly a website manager is in charge of the website design, development, and updates. However, given the fact that B2B websites require technical foundations like a high level of automation and integration, you may be required to have to React JS coder/s as well.

It is important to mention that reactive programming follows a similar pattern in both website and mobile development. With only React and a simple JavaScript, your developer can quickly and easily build a rich super-responsive mobile app that is cross-browser compatible. This is why the demand for React JS developers within the B2B space continue to rise.

The Take Home

When looking into the success of your B2B social media marketing, you should mainly focus on how good the results are. Or how your company has managed to make the most out of your social media marketing campaign without spending a fortune. With that said, it is also important to mention that effective preparation and seamless execution also largely influences how successful the campaign will be.

As a B2B company looking to start social media marketing, you will start seeing real results and in the long-haul. Otherwise, sweating over immediate results will only weaken your social media efforts. And with the above 5 steps, you shouldn’t have a problem with that.