Why Business Cards Can Be a Powerful Marketing Tool

As the internet continues to change our everyday lives there is an unspoken assumption that for every new development something of old will fall by the wayside. As more and more services face digitalisation and an increasing number of social networking platforms are created, it is possible that we will see the digital replication of physical business cards and traditional networking.

However, as of yet, there is nothing that can rival in-person networking and there is nothing that is as convenient or as direct as old-school business cards.

When you first meet someone, you have just a split second to convey your business value and ultimately, you want to make it easy and convenient for them to reach out to you. There is nothing that can compete with a business card for this purpose.


Of course, there is much to be said about the increasing digitalisation of services and the impact that it has having on networking and business marketing. As LinkedIn becomes a more widely used platform there’s no doubt that it has a role to play but it is yet to match the ease with which a business card can be handed over.

A professional, well-designed and branded business card offers a unique chance to seamlessly and easily market your business and for the most minimal of costs.

These are the key reasons why you should always have a stack of cards ready to use and why they should be part of your networking strategy.

Show off your personal or business brand identity 

There’s a time and a place for directing someone towards your website, portfolio or LinkedIn profile, but when you first meet someone, you have a split second to communicate your brand and what you stand for.

A business card offers the easiest way to make an immediate impression, to introduce your brand and to give them something that they can take away with them to look at in their own time.


It saves the hassle of trying to sell yourself – or product – in what is usual a narrow margin of time and besides, how many names can you remember having only heard them once. If they leave with a physical representation of your brand and where to find you, they are far more likely to be in touch at a later date. For ideas on business card designs, check out 123 Print.

Look prepared = look professional 

 If there is one quality that goes alongside professionalism it’s preparedness, as that can be a key marker for success. If you are ready, with a stack of business cards, then it suggests that you are the real deal and are unafraid to take proactive action to get what you want.


In my experience, handing over a business card, is the best way to ensure that you’re making an impression from the minute that you shake someone’s hand.

They can drive traffic to your website 

We’ve all been in that situation, where someone asks for your web address and you both have to scramble to find a pen and paper in order to jot it down. It’s a nightmare and it looks unprofessional, yet without the details written down it’s unlikely that they will remember the details for later.


Yet leaving someone with your business card with all the essential details, including your website, they are much more likely to then visit that page at a later date.

They can drive traffic to your social media 

These days, social media can be a crucial part of any business strategy and they should certainly be included on your business cards. It’s always worth having your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook handles along with your other contact information.


It’s the easiest way for people to reach out to you and if that information is on your business cards, it makes it accessible for them.

Affordable and accessible 

Compared to other marketing tools, business cards are cheap, accessible and risk-free. They therefore offer the perfect marketing solution for any individual or small business. There are hundreds of websites that now print business cards and they can be designed for a tiny fee.


What’s more, they are bound to be worth every penny and could be the one thing decision that takes your business to the next level.

Business cards might feel traditional and old-fashioned in some regards but there’s a reason that some traditions will never go out of fashion.