5 Tips To Help You Buy New Style Bangles That Complement Every Outfit

Designed jewelries and accessories give you an enhanced look in any occasion that you attend. So, it is important that the accessories you put on match with the style or the design of the outfit that you are wearing. Along with earrings and necklaces, bangles are also an important part of accessorizing. You do not want to go wrong with getting the new styles and then face the wreck of not having them complement your attire. However, to make things easier for you, here are a few things you can keep in mind while you are shopping for bangles and bracelets:

  • Types: There are different styles of bangles you can choose from. Each type matches with different types of outfit. There are many kinds of bangles such as, wooden, silk threaded, glass, silver and gold to name a few.
  • Style: Each style of bangles suits different occasions and different attires. Silver may suit a party wear, while, wooden may look chic with solid colored traditional clothes. Again, bright and colorful bangles look good with bright colored dresses. So, it is better to choose which suits the color and the look of the dresses that you wear. This will blend well with your skin color can be generally paired with any outfit.
  • Check multiple shops: When buying accessories, it is preferable to check in multiple shops. You might get similar bangles at different prices in different stores. Also looking for various designs in different stores can help you get more designs. It gives you an idea about different designs and you can choose from an abundance of styles.
  • Selection based on occasions: Some suit official events and some are good for parties or other social gatherings. Pick your bangles based on the type of event you are going to attend. Bangles studded with gemstones are ideal for fancy occasions. A plain gold or silver can be worn for any kind of occasion. You can get ladies gold designs in melorra.com that are suitable for any kind of event.
  • Size: It is best to always try out the new accessories you intend to buy and look for your perfect size. It is advisable to get bit larger than the size of your wrist and sometimes bangles turn out to be smaller than the size of your wrist and so that you face no difficulty putting them on or taking them off.


Bangles and bracelets are worn a lot at any occasion. Thus, it stands as a quite necessary form of accessory. So check a lot of places before you get your preferred bangles. A bracelet stands out when it complements your skin tone perfectly. So, try out before you buy, keeping the size in mind. A bracelet that is not too fancy suits any kind of outfit you wear and is perfect for any event. What you wear doesn’t define you definitely, but adds to your ravishing personality.