The 5 Pillars of the Good Life

Everyone wants peace of mind. But not all people know how to have it. Below are my top five actions that will help you reach this goal.


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I read Tim Ferris’ Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of World-Class Performers and all those interviewed either meditated or did yoga.

Why meditation?

Because it:

  • Increases emotional intelligence.
  • Builds patience and discipline.
  • Repair the brain areas affected by alcohol and drug addiction.

Take meditation seriously. Dedicate five minutes every morning/evening to it. And then send me a Thank-You letter.

Taking cold showers

Whenever you bath; spend 30 seconds under the cold water. You`ll learn to feel the fear and do it anyway….

And you`ll become unstoppable.

Studies also found that cold showers reduce mood swings and stimulate brain endorphins.


It’s hard to understand our motives. Our thoughts are complicated and must be analyzed or they’ll hurt us.

The solution? Write them down.

Studies found that journaling reduces anger and helps you cope with stressful events.

Intermittent fasting

Studies show that those who exercise earn more than those who don’t.  Why? Because they become patient, and anything that raises patience will help you succeed…

Recently, intermittent fasting has been quite popular. People will diabetes need to regulate their diet, and control their insulin. There are many medications that can help you, one of which is Toujeo. Go here and read more about it.

Like exercising, fasting every day for 16+ hours will toughen you. It also burns fat, repairs damages cells, and fight inflammations.


“The key to life is Running & Reading.” – Will Smith

Running does three things:

– Improves your health

– Silences the voice in your head that says, “I’m tired, this will take forever, I want to quit.”

– Teaches you to shrink big goals (ex: Running 10 miles) into tiny millstones (ex: finishing the first mile)

Run every day. It will change your life.