6 Best Kid Friendly Pet Birds

If you would like to get some pets  and if you have kids at home, then you need to establish first whether that the pet is a kid friendly or not. If the pet is not kid friendly, then your kids may get annoyed with its behaviour. If the bird that you get is a kid friendly one, then the kid will enjoy its company and have some fun.

First you need to go for the bird watching and see which one is the best one for you. The bird watching experiences are a favourite and unique way of enjoying  here. This is indeed a lovely way of experiencing the pleasures of a beautiful land filled with the best of urban oasis which is just minutes away from the central part of the city. The bird centre has become a perfect paradise for all kinds of birds like budgerigars.

While you get the pet home you must be sure the bird is a kid friendly. If that is kid friendly, then your kid will enjoy its company at his fullest and they both can become good friends forever. You will get full assistance from dyrebloggen.dk in this regard.

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How to choose the right child friendly pet ?

You need to go through the whole variety of all the pets  which are kid friendly and then you can finalise one that can be suitable to your kids and your house too. You can go through the list and gain some know how from it.

Canary or Finch


If your kids are very small and are not able to handle the bird well then this is the best choice for you. These birds will not bite, and they take care of themselves. You need to buy them in pairs. They can stay inside large cages and they need good maintenance too. You need to get them good food and water and spend some time with them.



These are very lovely and small in size. They hardly get hyper and hence they are good and safe for your kids. Kids can also handle them, but you need to take care and monitor. They are friendly and will have nice bonding with your kids. They will whistle and your kids are going to love that. Like your kids they will also need toys and also your attention. They do not like sitting inside the cage all the time and hence you need to take them out for some time in a day.



If the children are older then this can be a great choice for them. They are small they are smart. They can talk and they will also learn to talk from you. You can spend a good time talking to them. They are small and kids can also handle them well. They are delicate and hence you need to take good care of them. You need to observe while the kids play with them because they may get hurt. They are very delicate and hence you need to take good care of them. You can keep them in a child’s room.



This is a blue headed beautiful bird that need good care and maintenance. This is not very popular, but it can be good if you get this home. They are quiet and they will never bite and hence they are safer option for your kids. They look like a parrot and your kids will enjoy their company. They will have nice bonding with your kids. They have a longer life, as long as 40 years and they need good maintenance. You need to clean the cage, feed them well and also give them water.

 Meyer’s Parrot


These are tiny and quiet, and they are best friends of your kids. They like to be in the company of humans, and you need to get them proper time, attention and love. They like to be loved and they can have good bonding with the kids. They will never bite but still when your kids handle them you need to have an eye on them.

Love birds


They always need to get in pairs. They will sing songs and will be together always. You need to keep in kind that you must maintain them well because if one dies, another will also die or will get depressed. They are delicate and soft. Your kids can enjoy being with them.

How to maintain the pets?


You need to take the help from any zoo keeper so that you can understand how you can take care of your pets at home.  It is interesting to see how best the zoo keeper takes care of things in the zoo and one really gets overjoyed to see their dedication. The zoo is a place where every tourist is sure to enjoy the best and is an ideal haven for the best kinds of adventure lovers.

This is the place where the zookeeper’s too are always on the lookout for anything amiss and as one makes way to the best parts of the zoo. You need to make sure you give them good maintenance and also get them enough time. You need to get them best food and also water. You need to talk to them and give them some time or else they will get lonely and depressed. Just maintain them well and you can have some very good time with them now.