7 Best Cube PC Case In 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Although various types of regular PC cases are still the most popular options for PC builders, cube computer cases have been gaining popularity in recent years. They can offer a wide range of options and features, and they look cool as well.

These cases are capable of accommodating GPUs, CPUs, motherboards and all other components in all shapes and sizes. If you want to fit in your newest components in a new PC case or move the existing ones into a new home, why not try a cube model? Read on to see some of the best cube pc cases in 2024.

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1. Corsair Carbide Air 540 – Best Cube PC Case All Around


Corsair is a famous brand in the PC industry. Priced at $120, it is not the most expensive one available, but it is surely the best all-around model. It can accommodate GPU like the NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 TI. Also, motherboards of all sizes and shapes can easily fit inside it. If you’re a gamer and care about performance, then make sure to check this guide to boost your GPU performance.

Regarding the shape and design, 3 different color schemes are available. Cable management features are many, including cutouts and rubber grommets. The side panel is fully acrylic, meaning your build will show. The case has three fans preinstalled, which measure at 120 mm, as well as places for two additional ones.

Other Features:

  • GPU Length 12.6”
  • Cooler Height 6.7”
  • E-ATX, ATX
  • 3 Colors

2. Anidees AI Crystal Cube – Coolest Looking

This is a lesser-known brand, which does not mean they make products of lesser quality. This cube case sports several RGB fans, for those who enjoy having a colorful and fun setup in their rooms. It is easy to fall in love with something this stylish.

A potential deal-breaker is the choice of only white color, but it has a nice enough combination of colors to fit with most setups. Also, this is the most expensive model on the list, as the price tag reads $170. It features three 5 mm tempered glass panels, one on each side and one on the front, and 5 RGB fans, one of each being $60 when bought separately.

Regarding the slots, you will be able to fit anything inside. {Source}

Other Features:

  • GPU Length 13.2”
  • Cooler Height 6.6”
  • E – ATX, ATX,

3. Thermaltake Core V21 – Best Value


Thermaltake is another famous brand that deals with computer-related products. For a price of only $60, you get a lot of value. Plenty of room means you can fit it with any size components, and there is a 200 mm fan preinstalled on the front end. All panels except the acrylic see-through one on the side have grills, for the maximum ventilation possible.

The motherboard can be positioned both vertically and horizontally.

Other Features:

  • GPU Length 13.8”
  • Cooler Height 7.3”
  • Micro – ATC
  • Mini – ATX, Black

4. Thermaltake Core V1 – Best Budget Option


The second Thermaltake entry on our list is the smallest one. It is a similar design to the previous model, but of course, you will not be able to fit all of the GPU, motherboard, and fan sizes inside it. It costs $50, and all sides are grilled except the one with a window.

However, what is cool that they are all interchangeable, meaning you can put the acrylic one on the sides, or on top. There is a 200 mm fan preinstalled on the front, and places for two more 80 mm fans on the back.

Other Features:

  • GPU Length 10.0”
  • Cooler Height 5.5”
  • Mini – ITX
  • Black and White

5. Thermaltake Core X5


The third and final Thermaltake cube case on our list is an excellent choice as well. It has the largest maximum cooler height at 9.1” on the list. The price is more than $200, which is the biggest downside, but for those with a larger budget, you should go for it. Since it is among the biggest on the list, any component will fit inside without trouble.

Also, it supports liquid cooling systems and radiators, as big as 400 mm. The dual 4 mm tempered glass side panel will show of your rig to the guests. Overall, it can go toe to toe with the first entry on the list, but since it is expensive, it is not an option for everyone.

Other Features:

  • GPU Length 12.6”
  • Cooler Height 9.1”
  • E-ATX, ATX

6. Fractal Design Node 804


This brand never disappoints with their PC cases, and the same goes for this model. It sports a unique dual chamber design which is why it is perfect if you want max ventilation and cooling features. The design is minimalistic, a famous trait of this brand.

The case can hold four radiators at once, so liquid cooling options are amazing with this model. Overall, this is a well-made cube PC case by a trusty brand. For a price of around $100, it can be the right option for you.

Other Features:

  • GPU Length 12.6”
  • Cooler Height 6.3”
  • Micro – ATX
  • Mini – ITX, Black

7. Corsair Carbide Air 240


We end the list with the same brand we started with, Corsair. Overall, this is the smallest one on the list, and we can look at it as the smaller brother of the Carbide Air 540. It costs less than $100, and it is arguably the best option for small cube PC cases.

Because of its size, cooling options are limited, but it does support radiators and fans alike. Exactly like its bigger brother, it has three 120 mm fans preinstalled, and an option for two more on the top. On one of the sides, there is a see-through acrylic window to show the configuration inside.

Other Features:

  • GPU Length 11.4”
  • Cooler Height 4.7”
  • Micro – ATX,
  • Mini – ITX
  • Black and White


As you can see, these cube PC cases all look stylish and modern and will tie in your whole PC setup marvelously. Depending on the size and design you need and like the most, you can pick up a neat home for your new configuration with which you will be happy and satisfied for years to come!