How Does Cloud Forwarding Improve Business Operations?

One of the most overlooked features of cloud phone systems is call forwarding. This is a shame because it can be incredibly useful for any business that decides to use it, especially when the business operates some sort of call center (for instance, when offering customer support via phone).

It does not matter if the organization you are responsible for is mid-sized, a large corporation, a small business, or a startup. Call forwarding through service providers like Cloudtalk will streamline incoming calls and will drastically minimize the possibility that there will be missed calls.

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What Is Call Forwarding?


Call forwarding is not a new service. In fact, it has been around and offered by mobile phone service providers for a pretty long time. It is also known as call diversion and can be defined as a feature in telephony that allows you to redirect the phone call to another number or destination. The destination can be a mobile phone or even an internet computer that uses VoIP technology.

At a basic level, call forwarding is very easy to understand. However, it is important to mention that modern technology made it much more beneficial and complex. This is why, whenever you have some questions, it is best to contact a provider or a professional to fully understand what options are available for your business.

When referring to the advantages associated with call forwarding, the most important ones are presented below.

You Will Never Miss A Call

Before we had access to VoIP phones and mobile phones, office landlines stood out as the only way in which calls could be answered. When staff members were not available to answer, incoming calls would end up being sent to a voicemail device. This is not at all convenient since it means answers are delayed.

As softphones appeared, several advanced features became reality, like call forwarding. You can now easily stay connected even if you are not at your desk. Received phone calls can be easily forwarded to a home phone or mobile phone. Employees do not have to think about problems that might appear when leaving the office. Basically, all urgent calls will come in and will be serviced.

Always Being Connected


If your system uses call forwarding, employees can work from practically anywhere. They are connected while on the go. This is very important since remote work is right now on a clear rise. Its advantages became obvious during 2024’s pandemic reality.

Nowadays, people have their phones with them wherever they go. Your employees can thus decide if they would receive business phone calls to a business phone app or to their own mobile numbers. Advanced features like call masking offer the necessary security and data does not need to be used when this is not desired. Basically, call forwarding lets your team answer all the very important calls with a mobile phone. It does not matter if an internet connection is available or not.

Improved Customer Service

For every single business in the world, customer service is vital. Besides call forwarding from office numbers to mobile numbers, calls can be forwarded from a local number to a main line. This can be very advantageous in countless situations.

For instance, when your business operates in several regions, call forwarding becomes instantly advantageous. In such a setting, all different regions are connected with a central office. Local phone numbers can be provided to customers. When the phone call is made, the local area code is used. Then, the call is forwarded to the main line.

Such a scenario is great for customers because they do not have to pay more as they would call numbers in another area code. For the business, the big advantage is that the setup would not break the bank. Such a system is actually very common and takes advantage of cloud technology for drastically reduced costs.

Improved Company Image


For your customers, it is very important to be offered the best possible services. They do not know if the phone number the call uses call forwarding. They just appreciate the fact that the business offers the needed help whenever it is actually needed.

Remember that it is highly inconvenient and unprofessional for a business to offer various phone numbers for different departments or personal numbers when they tell customers how to get in touch with them. By using call forwarding, you maintain professionalism. Customers can connect with the business with the use of a very simple local phone number. You can pick up the phone call from a personal phone and customers cannot know that this happens. As a result, the image of your company remains flawless.

Available After-Hour Rules

Businesses have specific hours of operation. Call forwarding lets them avoid worrying about all phone calls that take place outside regular business hours. The setup can easily be configured to send calls to answering services whenever there is no staff member available for service.

A related thing that can be mentioned is that a business can also outsource call center operations. When this happens, it is much easier to set up a 24/7 customer support service. Regardless of when a customer calls, there is a redirect to the outsourced call center. There, he/she will find someone to talk to at any point of the day.

Lower Costs

Last but not least, we have to mention the fact that call forwarding is nowadays usually a part of a more complex call center system, usually offered through cloud technology. In most cases, the business pays less for a highly advanced call center setup. Call forwarding is thus highly affordable through cloud usage.

The reason why we mention this is that paying less for call center setup with features like call forwarding can lead to more money being available for other business operations. The business can easily use the extra funds to improve other services. At the end of the day, we are faced with being able to offer more for the same price, which is something every single business manager loves.