7 Hacks to Write an Application Essay for a Summer Program

Instead of participating in some leisure activities, many students choose to go to summer school. After all, enrolling there can provide the experience needed in the future for your university or job. In addition, it may also allow pupils to take more credits and go for advanced lessons later on. But, before admission, a person still needs to submit an application essay.

Making one might be challenging but knowing its purpose may enlighten an individual. Likewise, there are a few tips that could ease things a bit when it comes to creating an application essay.


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How Important Is The Personal Statement?

It is common for people to think that schools focus on quantitative data. But frankly, recruiters do more than just looking at test scores, completed courses, and marks. They go for the holistic approach in assessing their candidates, which means that they check qualitative information as well. This includes the records of extracurricular activities, recommendations, and application essays.

Through a personal statement, a student may prove his worth in a written form. Those who need help in composing one even contact different writing services like studymoose.com. That’s because many applicants are serious about increasing their chances of getting admission. Plus, students are aware that school administrators also check the personality of the candidates.


A Simple Guide To Creating a Statement of Purpose

There isn’t a universal guide for making one but there are specific tips that may aid. There are things that recruiters are after when assessing write-ups. Below you can find several points for potential enrollees to make an essay more persuasive.

1. Think of an interesting writing prompt but choose what you’re passionate about.

It is better to write an essay, which would most likely catch reader’s attention. Yet making a piece that would be easy for you to explain is important. Bear in mind that questions about one’s education or skills may surface during an interview.

2. Make your write-up personal.

In writing such an essay, it is vital to relate points to one’s self. Try choosing a topic that is interesting. But mention things about yourself when you write.

The way you’re going to relate the subject and the supporting points to yourself is up to you. Yet you may want to speak about your positive traits and your personal skills that people may take advantage of. Revealing one’s positive sides may be helpful but don’t overdo it. Stick to what you can commit to and always show at a later time.

3. Be conscious of the details of your essay

As part of showing your worth, it is crucial that you pay attention to both syntax and semantics in the essay. To be specific, you might want to do thorough proofreading to ensure the quality of the work. Recruiters often look at the structure of articles. They check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Regardless of student’s academic performance, a person should perfect his statement of purpose. At least in linguistics. Remember that professors pay attention to the style and the content of compositions.

4. Use Writing Tools

Being a great writer isn’t necessary for making a personal statement. Using what professional writers utilize when working might be helpful, though.

There are several tools that experts prefer to work with while creating a great essay. For entrance in a summer program, you may want to try:

  • Mind mapping
  • Software like Grammarly, Hemingway, and word processors
  • Web applications for plagiarism and uniqueness checking

To organize different pieces of information in a diagram would be useful in the form of a mind map. To avoiding brain exhaustion, experts recommend copywriting programs as well. But mind that copying is illegal, and thus, plagiarism checker is essential.


5. Read the stories of successful candidates.

Reading about the struggles of different successful candidates and the methods they used might aid you in writing an essay and understanding what you are applying for. If possible, you ought to focus on how enrollees or graduates managed to write great essays.

6. Find motivation.

Being uninspired to create something is normal. For this predicament, a person has the option to look for the sources of inspiration.

Motivation can come from the outside or within one’s self. Seeing successful people may make one work hard. Thinking about your possible triumphs after writing may drive you to compose too.

7. Practice composing.

To succeed you have to exercise your writing skills. There are professionals for hire that could compose but only you can add a personal touch to your work. Create drafts until you come up with the ideal copy for submission.



Composing a personal statement to apply may take a while but a person shouldn’t skip doing it. It can, after all, serve as a tool for improving one’s chances of gaining a school’s acceptance.

Write to impress and express. And mind that there are no such people who have succeeded without practicing and working hard.