8 Necessary Tips for Planning The Ideal Marriage Proposal

When you have met your person, you may feel the desire to tie the knot with them to take your relationship to the next level. There’s a lot that goes into the planning process of a proposal. You will need to figure out how long you should wait to propose how much money you should spend. It can be exciting though, to plan the way you want to ask your partner for marriage. From finding the right ring to setting up your location, if you choose to you can make the proposal even more signifying to you.

Your proposal must be meaningful and special to your partner. To make that happen you must consider all sorts of factors, from asking the folks for their blessing to what you will be wearing during the proposal. Proposals are some of the most memorable moment in a couple’s life so it has to be planned well. It will take time to plan and get the right items you need for your proposal, though. Consider these things when you are planning the ideal proposal for your partner.

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1. Choose the right ring


Deciding on the right ring can take time and much thought. You want to consider all the things your partner likes to pick the right engagement ring for them. This is something your partner will wear every day of their lives so you want to make sure it is special and well-fitting. Pay attention to if your partner mentions anything about specific designs of rings and styles. This will help you when you get to the jewelry store. There are various styles and diamond cuts you must consider. Here are some popular diamond cuts and styles of rings:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Emerald
  • Cushion
  • Asscher

If you are struggling to find the right ring, you can always ask your partner’s close friends or family to help you pick out the right ring. Make sure you know their ring size as well. If your proposal isn’t a secret you can simply ask them. If not, you can easily investigate their jewelry to figure what ring size they wear. If you don’t get the right size you can always do a resizing. Use popular jewelry stores like Zales, Kay Jewelers, or Jacob Mercari or you can visit a local jeweler to get a more personalized experience.

2. Pick a sentimental destination


After you decide on the ring style, you will want to think about where you want to propose to your partner. If you want to have a theme in mind consider the places that will fit. You could easily choose a place that has sentimental value to you both or opt for a new location that will fit your proposal. Take them to a nice park or a rooftop bar to propose. Or you can visit the place where you both said ‘I love you.”

Any location you pick will have more sentimental value to your relationship than before, so ultimately it doesn’t matter where you choose to propose as long as it makes sense to your relationship. You don’t want to make the mistake of proposing at the wrong moment or in the wrong place because it will more likely than not warrant a negative response. Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and are both ready to avoid having a failed proposal. There are many romantic locations perfect for making your proposal something beautiful and special.

3. Determine whether to invite family or not


You must ask yourself sometime within your planning process whether or not you want to involve their family. Some people want their proposal to be more intimate so it has more sentimental value. Family-oriented people usually opt for having the family involved to make the moment special. If you want to keep things between you and your partner, you can easily let the family find out afterward. Some people like to tell their family themselves about the proposal.

4. Have a photographer present


Capturing this special moment is important for creating memories and sharing your proposal to the world. You want to hire a skilled photographer on hand to take photos of you and your partner during and after the proposal. This can add more costs to your wedding expenses, but it will be well worth it. Many people enjoy taking professional photos so they have quality photographs of one of the most meaningful moments of their lives. You want to make sure to get it either on video or capture it through photos to share your love with others.

5. Incorporate music

If you want you can incorporate music in your planned proposal. This can make your proposal moment more emotional and romantic. If you both have a favorite song or one that is meaningful to you both, you should consider playing it during your proposal. This is ideal for certain locations. You wouldn’t want to play a song while you are out at a rooftop bar or at a restaurant. If you plan your proposal outside or in a quieter place, the music will be heard better and be more special.

6. Speak from your heart


When you are speaking to your partner about your love for them and your desire to marry them, you want to make sure you are speaking from the heart. Your partner should feel your emotion and love through your words. You have planned the entire moment but you want your words to be meaningful to your partner and the moment.

If you absolutely need to, take time to write out what you truly want to say to your partner. You should avoid reciting it word for word, though. Writing it out is good for getting an idea of what you want to say. You don’t want to sound awkward and rehearsed when you are telling your partner how you feel. Talk about what your relationship means to you and mention the special moments you’ve had. Talk about the future you want as well to back up your proposal.

7. Don’t rush


You also want to take your time with your proposal as well. Don’t rush your marriage to make it more meaningful and last longer. Take your time through the planning and through the actual proposal. After you have asked your partner for their hand in marriage, don’t rush them for an answer either. Try to give them enough time and space to react so they can answer your question. Many people react by crying, screaming, dancing, etc. If they try to celebrate, let them enjoy their excitement.