8 Useful Tips on How to Protect a Dating Site from Scam and Hackers

When a person decides to take on their own project, first of all, they think about the most global things. In online business, the important points to consider are the creation of the site, its promotion, and attraction users.

Therefore, in the initial stages, the owner is concerned that all pages of the site are displayed correctly, the functionality is performed, and the number of unique visitors grows every day. Over time, this dating site grows and develops. More and more people learn about it, but not everyone has a healthy interest and good intentions. So, the threat to the security of a resource increases with every minute of its being on the world wide web.

Hackers strive to gain access to the data of users of a famous dating site, unlucky copywriters use the magic “ctrl + c, ctrl + v” when they see an informative article, and different malicious programs appear over time.

Users of dating sites want to be sure that they can safely share personal information and trust people they communicate with. When men look for pretty ladies online, they do not want to deal with scammers who get money by fraud. That is why the protection of a dating site should be considered as one of the most important aspects. What to do to protect your site from hackers and scam?

1. Choose more complex passwords. First of all, you should know that even the smartest programs for selecting a password can easily cope with your password of 8 characters in about a year. In fact, there are 2х1012 combinations of an eight-digit number and much more variants for 8 unidentified characters.


2. Do not give access to the admin section of your dating site to unverified users. If you do, then do not be surprised when the site is hacked. Moreover, do not give anyone the opportunity to add HTML-code, as dishonest people can add a harmful code to the site.

3. Update your antivirus. Any person working with the site via FTP, SSH, and other protocols, should install modern antivirus tools. Only a good antivirus with a daily updated database will be able to protect the resource from hacking.


4. Do not keep passwords in FTP clients. A good hacker can easily steal a file containing a password, even if it is encrypted.

5. For storing passwords, it is better to use a password manager. Especially if you cannot count on your memorizing skills. Password managers are special programs that allow you to organize and store passwords in a ciphertext file. To get access to this program, one needs a special password. Besides the point, remembering the only password is not so difficult as dozens of various ones, isn’t it?

6. Do not click on dubious links. However, not always the site hacking occurs due to carelessness or inattention of the site owner. Sometimes, the vulnerability lies in its source codes which professional hackers can quickly discover. If your dating site is based on one of the content management systems (CMS), the developers of these systems have already taken care of your security and included the necessary security elements in the source code.


7. Using ready-made scripts on your site, remember that they may be vulnerable. After all, many scripts are written with the participation of several specialists in web programming, and it increases the likelihood of errors, which hackers can use for their attacks in the future. Therefore, find out about the script on specialized forums. The main indicator of the reliability of the script is its presence and long-term work on many other sites.


8. Writing the scripts by yourself, pay due attention to their security. You should carefully check the script that interacts with the data based on users’ information. If the hacker gets the opportunity to upload any files to the server with your site, they can do with it whatever they want.

Site protection is one of the key tasks of a modern webmaster. Execution of the simple rules described above will protect your dating site from most threats and, as a result, from problems with users and search engines. We wish you good luck in creating your dating site!