9 Unique Bridal Mehndi Design Ideas

Bridal mehndi is considered one of the major parts of solah shringar according to Indian traditions. Mehndi or Henna tattoo holds a lot of importance in every Indian bridal look. It can be either applied in hands or feet with beautiful strokes of design and pattern.

With intricate designs, mehendi can change the whole bridal look, accentuating the bridal outfit, jewellery and of course, hands and feet. It varies from minimalistic to completely covered the traditional way. Find some breathtaking unique mehndi designs on WedMeGood – Indian wedding planning platform. Right from the bride and groom portraits to their doggo portraits. Here is a list of 9 Unique Bridal Mehndi Design ideas:

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1. Have the complete Baraat scene on your hands!


Have the complete Band-Baja-Baarat scene on your hand. Such a magnificent design makes your mehndi design look really beautiful and it is somewhat a combination of traditional and minimalistic design.

2. Make your hand a canvas for a portrait!


Bridal and groom portraits can never go wrong while getting your mehndi design. It is an artistic way of expressing and cherishing your love. Trust us, this would make your partner feel really special!

3. How can you forget your fur baby?


Your dog deserves a little place in your mehndi design. Express your love to your furry friend with a cute mehndi design with its face.

4. Make way for your own #Hashtag!


It is 2019 girls! In this instagrammable world, Hashtag is everywhere then why not have your couple hashtag on your mehndi? Make your mehndi unique with your own #LoveCouple!

5. Long-Distance deserves its own mehndi design


You have patiently made way for your love story this far, why let go your efforts of long-distance waste? Give some space to your efforts and destinations on your mehndi design and how you made it possible all the way!

6. I-do! Vows on your hand


Carve your promises on your hand. Keeping them forever in your marriage, have it in the palm of your hands, literally!

7. ‘Little Things’ that made you two fall in love!


You might have fallen in love over pasta or a burger. Maybe your love story happened in a coffee shop. All these little things made you take this decision to tie a knot. Bring all those little elements on your mehndi design.

8. Keep it Simple with Minimalistic Design


Simple is the talk of the town. Keep it simple and minimal if you are not a big fan of mehndi. It looks chic and pretty, why not have some minimal intricate design and make it worth a picture?

9. The Evergreen Arabic Mehndi Design


Some things never go out of style, just like Arabic Mehndi. Arabic mehndi always look beautiful with the curves and strokes that make it alluring.

You can never get enough of mehndi designs, there are so many other mehndi designs, right from peacocks on your mehndi design to floral jaals. You can make your mehndi design just the way you want it.