A Brief Guide to Help You Start Losing Weight After Pregnancy

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Facts and Solutions to Postpartum Weight Issues

In the aftermath of your baby coming to this world, you need to take some time to take care of yourself. It’s ok to plan a schedule that is centered all around the new family member, but you as a woman need to consider a few things such as a postpartum exercise plan to get rid of that extra weight you gained during your pregnancy.

Most women gain around 25 to 35 pounds during their time of pregnancy. A balanced diet and some exercise after delivery for a flat stomach should help you get in shape in no time. If you went overboard and gained more weight than you were supposed to, the process can be quite tricky depending on your metabolism. It will take a year or more, even with a strict diet.


A lot of new moms put a lot of effort to look like their old selves. Many of them get impatient and risk harming themselves in the process. While it’s essential to be motivated, it’s also necessary to do things right from the start. Shedding the extra weight after a baby is born can be done with a little patience. We are going to share the secrets to do it right on your end.  

Avoid Diets, Go for a Healthy Regime Instead


There is an undeniable medical fact that everyone needs to understand in this day and age: miracle diets don’t work. Every single fad diet out there is designed to be a quick fix to weight issues that always bounces back in the unshapeliest ways. Fad diets can make you lose a ton of weight by depriving you of many things during certain periods. But once you get back to your old habits, you will gain al, that weight back and more. 

The best way to get back on track with your eating habits is by building a balanced diet that includes every food. If you don’t the best way to go about this, you can always visit a nutritionist. These medical professionals will run a full study on your body type, and they will offer a lot of great advice about the things you should eat and when you should eat it. The best part of it is that they rarely cut any food out of your regime. You will also learn to eat properly at least six times a day.

Make Sure to Breastfeed Your Kid


This little tidbit of information has the medical community divided since a lot of studies say that breastfeeding can help you get back to your proper weight faster. Other studies seem to make the call that it makes no difference at all. While there are opposing views, the undisputed fact is that breastfeeding is good for the new baby. The milk boosts the immune system and offers a lot of nutrients that are not provided by any other means, not even formula. 

While most doctors recommend that you should lie down or take a seat as you breastfeed your kid, a lot of moms can’t stop their daily routines at home. They have learned to breastfeed on the go with the help of modern accessories that allow them to hold their kids in place as they drink the milk while they have their hands free.  Some of the best breastfeeding tips could be found on top-mom.com, feel free to visit this website and learn more about this topic.

Drink a Lot of Water


This piece of advice always comes along regardless of you having a baby or not. There is an undeniable fact about it: it works. Water keeps your body clean and fills your stomach. You will feel full between meals. You will prevent dehydration, your digestive system will be clean, and your milk will flow on point for your kid. Be mindful of the color of your urine. If it’s clear and odorless, you are drinking the right amount of water. 

Make Sure to Have a Postpartum Exercise Routine


We have already stated the importance of eating good and drinking fluids. The next thing you need to take care of is your levels of physical activity. The first thing most new moms think is that finding the time to exercise with a new baby on the house is impossible. Even a basic routine of half an hour seems too long. 

Most medical professionals agree with you, that’s why many of them recommend short routines that can take ten minutes and as your baby matures they can increase in time to twenty or even the goal of thirty minutes.  These micro routines can consist of anything advised by your doctor. From using a treadmill to do a series of aerobic sets in place. 

Get Proper Sleep


If you rolled your eyes at this headline is because you probably thought about how impossible this is with a new baby at home. Getting eight hours’ worth of sleep is indeed difficult in the first two years of the life of your baby. There are some hacks you can do to avoid feeling restless. After all, if you feel exhausted all the time, the task of taking all the weight off will become a hill to die on. 

Having some rest is part of good postpartum weight loss timeline plan. The first hack is to secure at least four hours of sleep at night by making sure that your partner covers for you when the baby calls. The other one is to sleep when your baby sleeps during the daytime. A 1-hour power nap will keep you energized and ready to tend to your baby for the rest of the day. 

Most of these trade secrets have passed over thousands of times over. They have been collected here because they work. While most of this advice is motherhood 101, a new mom will have doubts about what to do in a postpartum exercise to reduce tummy routine. The best way to be sure about what to do is to consult a medical professional.