Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

While choosing the shared images, cover photos or other media for social media, to know the dimensions of images is a must. What if it is needed to be sure that a particular portion of the cover photo doesn’t get obstructed by the profile photo? Also, want to know the difference between ins-stream photos or shared thumbnails – do they have different dimensions?

So, it would turn out that the sizing images rightly for social media isn’t that easy. Even only for the marketing on Facebook, the dimensions of photos differ according to how and where they are shared – from timeline images to cover photos, to profile images.

However, if you need a detailed guide about the image sizes on social media, you have landed at the right place. Here is a list of important image dimensions for the social media platform, sorted by the kind of image you post.

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Image Sizes for Social Media

All of the image dimensions are given below in the form of width x height. So, let’s jump onto the guide for each of the social network.

Image Sizes for Facebook

The following illustration shows the image dimensions for profile page of Facebook:

Cover photo: 820p x 312p

Profile photo: > or = to 180p x 180p

Shared image: 1200p x 630p

Shared link image: 1200p x 628p

With over 2 billion users every day, the platform continues to beat other social channels. As suggested by, the size of images used there are very crucial – selecting the low-quality images can break or make your engagement and in the end, you might be forced to buy YouTube subscribers if you want your account to progress. The profile image appears 1270p x 170p on the desktop and 32p x 32p as the thumbnail linked with the Facebook post image.

Image Sizes for Twitter

Following illustration shows the image dimensions for profile page of Twitter:

Header photo: 1500p x 500p

Profile photo: 400p x 400p

In-stream photo: 440p x 220p

Meanwhile, Twitter is the most frequent social channel that is chosen by users for talking about the brands. This is the place where users ask questions, request help and leave praise. However, the display and format have altered a few times during the past few years. Thus these image dimensions are needed to be known for updated use of the platform.

Image Sizes for Google+

Following illustration shows the image dimensions for profile page of Google+:

Profile photo: 250p x 250p

Cover photo: 1080p x 608p

Shared photo: 497p x 373p

Shared video: 496p

Shared link thumbnail: 150p x 150p

Historically, Google+ has been a significant channel for the small businesses that want to be shown up in the local searches of Google. It is true that if you consider, it may not receive much attention as the rest of social channels.

Image Sizes for Instagram

Following illustration shows the image dimensions for profile page of Instagram:

Profile photo: 110p x 110p

Photo thumbnail: 161p x 161p

Shared image: 1080p x 1080p

Shared video: 1080p

Instagram stories image: 1080p x 1920p (min = 600p x 1067p)

Knowing the fact that Instagram is basically and profoundly a visual content based platform, you will want to be there on this network for matching that foundation, particularly regarding the quality. Also, having over 800 million active users daily, you will be looking for the best on Instagram. The platform scales the photos down to 612p x 612p. You should set the images in posts still to 1080p x 1080p.

Image Sizes for Pinterest

Following illustration shows the image dimensions for profile page of Pinterest:

Profile photo: 165p x 165p

Broad cover photo: 222p x 150p (min = 55p x 55p)

Pinned photo: 236p

A fun fact: most of the content posted on this platform comprises of the external links. That’s why, it is worthwhile that you use it for the referral traffic –  however you are needed to catch the attention of your audience still. These dimensions must be used for maintaining the visual quality on Pinterest.

Media and Image Sizes for YouTube

Following illustration shows the image dimensions for channel page of YouTube:  

Channel cover photo: 2560p x 1440p

Channel thumbnail: 800p x 800p

Video thumbnail: 1280p x 720p

This is another platform where there is a rule of visual content – not for mentioning, having over 1 billion people. Be sure that your visual assets fulfill the underlying philosophy and purpose – not only with videos that you share there but with profile presence that you maintain.

Always remember that users on YouTube make use of a lot of various sorts of devices, and the cover image on your channel will differ in looks across each of these. The images of size 2560p x 1440p will get optimized for a TV screen while a PC will show them at size 2560p x 413p. the mobile devices will show cover art of YouTube at size 1546p x 423p and tablets will show them at size 1855p x 423p.