Apple Refurbished Products: Should You Buy Them?

Apple’s consumers upgrade to the current iPhone model and discard their outdated ones when a new iPhone release emerges.

Apple’s iPhones are without a doubt among the greatest smartphones available today. While they have the same fragile screen as most smartphones, they are reasonably sound and readily repairable. Due to the iPhone’s popularity and its high price, especially when new, it is unsurprising that there is still a thriving market for reconditioned iPhones.

When Apple introduces a new range of iPhones, most of its customers complete their smartphone lifecycles by upgrading to the latest model and discarding their older iPhones.

You may always take a chance by purchasing straight from other people, but purchasing a reconditioned item with a guarantee is less dangerous. This way, if anything goes wrong, you have a possibility of receiving a substitute or a refund.

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What is a Refurbished iPhone?

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According to Superwatches, these are the best apple watch alternatives. Because the phrase “refurbished” encompasses a wide variety of circumstances, it’s necessary to identify the factors and fully understand what you’re purchasing. A remanufactured iPhone has been tested and fixed where required by the manufacturers or a reseller. Warranties should cover it. However, it may not include the original packing or accessories and may show evidence of cosmetic wear.

Owners might return their old iPhones due to a manufacturing defect or simply because they no longer desired them. Others may have been used and subsequently sold by the owner, maybe to support the purchase of a more modern model.

A grading system is often used to assist purchasers in determining the difference. The specific definitions of terms may vary according to manufacturer or merchant, so carefully examine listings. The following are some commonly recognized definitions:

  • Grade A – In near-mint condition, the iPhone should seem to be brand new.
  • Grade B – Cosmetic damage that is not severe, such as minor scratches or tiny chipping.
  • Grade C — Appearance of usage, with visible evidence of wear.

Purchasing an Apple-certified Reconditioned Product

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Where better to get a reconditioned iPhone than directly from Apple? Each smartphone is thoroughly inspected and certified for functionality using Apple’s services, making it the ideal choice if you’re mainly concerned with quality. They include a new battery and an all-new exterior shell packaged in a new white box. You receive a 12-month warranty, and Apple assistance is typically outstanding. Additionally, you may visit an Apple Store or another Apple-certified retailer to find these officially reconditioned devices.

The disadvantage of purchasing from Apple is that the reductions are sometimes relatively small. You may save just $50 when compared to the cost of a new gadget.

Purchasing a Reconditioned Product from a Large Shop

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Large retailers like Walmart or Best Buy sell refurbished iPhones in various configurations. These vendors often offer deeper savings than Apple. Their iPhones are entirely inspected and often include a cord and charger. However, they do not provide battery or exterior shell replacements as Apple does, so anticipate scratches and other evidence of usage. Amazon Renewed is another attractive option when shopping online.

Although a 12-month warranty is included, it may be extended by a third party. Occasionally, you might receive a better deal by picking up your iPhone in a local branch. This may also come in handy if you need to return the item for any occasion. However, verify the warranty conditions to ensure you can return it to the shop where you purchased it. For instance, Best Buy utilizes CCR Warranty, and you must approach them about any difficulties.

Purchasing a Reconditioned Product Online

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Numerous online organizations, including Gazelle, Decluttr, or Back Market purchase used iPhones from individuals, fix them, and resell them. While you’ll often find better deals here than at the manufacturer or large box shops, all iPhones are mailed, and these providers lack physical stores.

They all thoroughly test iPhones and provide information on the quality of the device you’re purchasing, but the details of their contracts vary. For instance, Decluttr provides a 12-month guarantee, whereas Back Market provides a six-month guarantee. Gazelle offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and covers the cost of return mail.

Purchasing a Carrier-refurbished Product

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Carriers prefer the phrase “certified pre-owned” when referring to their reconditioned products, though both terms mean the same thing. They thoroughly examine and repair second-hand iPhones. Each one comes with a charger, although there may be evidence of damage.

Discounts are often not significant unless you opt for older equipment. However, current customers may be eligible for specific incentives and discounts, and you may be able to pick up and return devices in-store. Generally, warranties are capped to 90 days.

Purchase a Reconditioned Product from a Reputable Repair Company

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Thousands of individual and licensed phone repair businesses are located across the nation. The majority of them rely on refurbished phone sales to sustain their operations. If you want to support a small company, contact your neighborhood phone repair shop and inquire about purchasing a refurbished iPhone or refurbished apple watch. The finest retailers will provide you with a comprehensive warranty and return policy for your new equipment. You can find more information on

Warranties, Etc.

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We propose that before purchasing a refurbished iPhone, you confirm that the price is much less than the cost of a new phone and that the device has received high-quality repairs. Additionally, you should consider the iPhone’s features and capabilities. For instance, a refurbished device older than the new iPhone 12 may not enable Wi-Fi 6 or 5G, which may significantly disadvantage specific customers. Similarly, products such as the iPhone 7 support just a 32-bit processor and are considered too old to be considered refurbished these days.

Apart from that, the most critical feature to look for is a guarantee on your reconditioned smartphone. Ascertain that the vendor provides quality assurance for the smartphone or at the very least specifies that you will get a refund if there are any faults. Whenever feasible, get a reconditioned phone that comes with a minimum of a one-year warranty. It’s essential to properly analyze your warranty to determine the scope of coverage and who is responsible for repairing or replacing the equipment if issues arise after the purchase. Ascertain that you also know whom you should contact if the refurbished phone begins to malfunction. Examine the small print to determine whether the warranty covers theft, spillage, and other typical issues.

Suppose you find yourself in a scenario where you’ll have to return the iPhone for a refund or replacement. In that case, you will very certainly be required to pay postage. To help you feel more confident about the purchase, we highly advise you to read any ratings and reviews for the seller of the refurbished phone. The reviews will highlight the seller’s communication with their consumers, as well as any product issues.


You should now have a good understanding of the things to look for when purchasing a refurbished iPhone. With diligence and attention, you’ll discover a dependable product that meets your budget and lifestyle.