How to Arrange Furniture in Living Room?

In case you live in a small apartment or home, good organization is the key to making the most of your free space. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for someone to have a large home, but because of poorly organized space, nothing works properly. To get the most out of your home, there are some rules you must follow. Of course, you will also need some imagination and creativity.

In this case, the living rooms represent the center of each home. As a rule, they are the largest ones in our homes as they are designed to accommodate guests and hang out with family after busy days. The place where people gather and spend most of their time is probably the most important one in every home and the epicenter of events in every family. So special attention should be paid to every detail when arranging them.

It should primarily be based on a form and layout that is good energy and feel, so don’t hesitate to provide it with personal style and fine details. Introducing the perfect mini-guide to show you how to place furniture in it, whether you have large or small space available.

Different uses:

For socializing – If you like to drink tea or coffee in the living room, alone or with a neighbor, it is best to have two sofas or one sofa and a two-seater so you can place them side by side. Between them should be a coffee table to your liking and preference.

For one person – If you live alone, this arrangement will be perfect for you, as well as your friends or parents when they come to you. A sofa, armchair and coffee table are a must.

To play board games – If you like to play cards daily, Monopoly, a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table will be enough. Armchairs opposite the sofas, and a table between them.

When you have guests – Sometimes you need to make arrangements for your guests to have a place and feel comfortable. A three-seater, a round table and two small armchairs fitted together make a great choice.

For parties – The New Year’s party is at your place, and you don’t know how to place furniture – put a large, long table behind the sofa that will hold drinks and snacks; put armchairs in front of him and everyone will be together.

When you have many guests– Sometimes it happens that many guests come from abroad or another city and you want to see them all. So place two sofas one against the other and between a larger coffee table, so that there is space for everyone.

Work Room – If you do not have an office, you have to create a mini workplace. So place two armchairs and two smaller square tables in the middle. The one who is sitting on the armchair will not mind you, and you will be able to choose a table that suits you better or is not occupied.

During the day, living room, evening – bedroom – Not everyone is lucky to have a separate space for sleeping. That’s why you need to get a corner sofa that can be folded up and turned into a large bed in the evening. Have a round table in your room as well as an armchair.

Choosing furniture:

TV Shelf

Since TV is indispensable, you will most likely need a shelf. The choice is large so you can easily fit. If you do decide to hang it on the wall and save space, then call a professional, who will do TV Wall Mounting for you. In case you want to learn more about how to organize this, feel free to do so and make sure you find a reliable company.


The comfort of the sofa is as important as the comfort of the bed. So make sure it is filled with polyurethane foam and comfortable so you can lie down. Be sure to incorporate an unusual armchair or tabouret with the sofa. The colors and patterns depend on your commitment and the style you strive for. Also, XXL sofas today are modern, comfortable and large, so they are perfect for enjoying the best company

Industrial Style – A blend of leather, textiles and iron couldn’t be more perfect. The industrial touch on the sofa has never been so successful.

Vintage style return – Because of these sofas you will travel to the past. Very versatile, it will perfectly fit into your minimalist, industrial or modern interiors. A chesterfield sofa from Chesterfield Sofa Company is a great example.

Natural Touch – We remain in love with natural textiles such as linen. They convey that sense of calm and comfort and integrate perfectly with all types of decoration.

Perfect curves – Curved sofas are increasingly present in the world of decoration.

Corner couch

The number one item in the living room furniture is the increasingly vibrant plush furniture sets.


The shelf design is so versatile that you can choose from unusual curved or offset shapes, to classic straight lines. Home libraries have not yet moved out of living rooms, and as furniture becomes smaller, details become larger.

Open shelves can be the ideal book storage solution – a type of contemporary library integrated into it, and can incorporate a worktop with a computer or an armchair where you can read your favorite book or magazine.


Lighting is extremely important in the interior, so it is advisable to use lamps, and it is best to place them in all four corners to get a “circle” of lighting. The space will be even more comfortable if you use lamps that give a soft and comfortable light.


The warmth and charm of each space is brought by the softness of the carpet. The accent colors and design, its shape and size, especially affect visual apperance. In a room where white is predominant, the accent will be on the odd carpet, while in the colored room, the carpet should be neutral.

Carpets can determine your style. They can be the important buckle that will connect the whole space and complete the style. Match it first with the shape and material of your furniture and then with the curtains and you can be sure that you have made the right choice.


We have another tip for you. In the living room, but also in all rooms where you want a relaxing atmosphere, clutter must be avoided at all costs. Too many things and disorganization create a disturbance in the flow of energy and create a sense of unease.