Questions to Ask When Hiring an International Moving Company

Moving can be very hard work whether it is moving to the same city, from one city to another, or moving to another country. This is a complicated activity that requires a lot of commitment and planning. Just imagine all the smaller tasks you have to complete to get to the end. Starting with choosing the ideal date when you can do the moving, packing all the small things in boxes, protecting the larger pieces of furniture from being damaged during transport as well as the heaviest task, choosing the ideal moving company. Okay, maybe choosing the perfect move date and packing the boxes might be the easiest part where you have a lot of help from family and friends to sort it out. But in deciding which company to contact for this type of service, the burden will fall on you. Do not worry, you should not start to panic, because we are here today for you to help you choose the ideal relocation company, whether it is a local or international relocation.

In the process of selecting those who offer top service, you will be offered a lot of suggestions from your loved ones who will want to make your choice a little easier. But how do you know if you made the right choice? Very easy, by asking a few questions that will help you choose the best mover for you. In addition, we will present the key questions that you need to ask the companies, and if you are satisfied with the answers to them, you can immediately hire them without hesitation.

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1. What is their charging tariff?


Every company has a different way of charging for its services, and so do companies that make moves. The tariffs they charge can be on an hourly basis, on a distance basis, or according to the weight of the furniture, you are moving. So be very careful what you choose, because if you choose a company that charges remotely it will certainly cost you a lot of money if you plan to move internationally. You should also find out if the company charges any extra fees, such as some companies charging extra for hand-delivered or imported items from your home. So carefully plan this, where the transport vehicle could be parked if there is a driveway or a busy street where parking is prohibited, whether the furniture will have to be taken down the stairs and what is the distance from the main door to the vehicle and similar things.

2. Do they offer insurance for the transferred furniture


This is a very important question to keep in mind. When it comes to transporting furniture, of course, there is a huge possibility of some kind of damage to it. Holes in the road or sharp curves are the main culprit for damage to the furniture being transported. Therefore, you should be informed if the company gives any guarantee and confirms that all your property will be transported from one location to another in the same condition and that there will be no damage to them.

3. Do they have a license to do the service


You certainly do not want to be a victim of fraud because there are unlicensed companies that deceive potential customers. Without any legitimate agreement between the company and the client, they are charged in advance for the service and never show up at the place where it was agreed to start the move. Therefore, it would be desirable to state that they have a license to perform the service, this will assure you that this is a legitimate company that will timely and without any scams will respect their part of the contract.

4. Ask for a reference


Although the movers were recommended to you by a close friend who guarantees their top service, you still try to get as many recommendations from them as possible. So feel free to ask them this. If they have to offer you proof from many other satisfied customers of their services, then you are really in the right place. You do not have to be afraid that a problem will arise if you hire them, because the testimonies of others and their satisfaction will assure you that everything will go well.

5. Time frame


They must guarantee that your belongings will be transported on time. However, you have planned by when you should move to the new location and they should be able to fulfill this part of the agreement. There should be no delays and the furniture should be transported in time to the location you specified. If the contract does not state that they guarantee timely transport and that they will respect the deadline you have agreed, our recommendation is not to take their service into account.

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I hope that through this article we have helped you and at least slightly facilitated all that activity that takes place when it comes to moving abroad. Each of us at some point in our lives went through such a situation, and we all needed help. Some of us got help from family and friends but some were left to fend for themselves. That’s why today we decided to help everyone who needs it, and I’m really glad if we solved at least one problem. I hope that your move will pass in the best order and you will find the ideal company that offers this service. If you have not found it, you will surely find it at the link above.