Optimize Your Lighting Replacing Your Fluorescent Tubes With Led Tubes

For decades now, LED lights have successfully replaced fluorescent lamps in almost all high end task or home spaces. Installing fluorescent lamps isn’t as tech savvy as it seems in today’s world. Although it seems like much of a task but in fact, there are many considerable options which allow replacing these old fixtures with safer, economical options without much wear and tear also known as retrofit LED kits.

Economically and evidently, fluorescent tubes are deemed incompatible in today’s systemic settings. They just fail to serve the lighting needs when it surpasses the general lighting. To get the most out of old fixtures it is viable and safer switching to retrofit LED kits. There are several benefits and allows the room to get the much needed upgrade.
LEDs allow uniform light distribution as well as control over the desirable lighting. This article is a small guide on how to transform any living space using LED T8 tubes. (For different types of LED tubes you can click here)

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Benefits of LED tubes

1. Energy efficiency

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LED T8 tubes are 80% more energy efficient than the traditional fluorescent lamps. They produce more light, generate less heat and have longer lifespans. Most LED manufacturers offer T8 tubes which are highly efficient and produce better results

This is evidently the main benefit of LED lamps as with LEDs they introduced adjustable colour temperature so the consumer doesn’t have to switch to an entirely different source of light. Typically for a different tone of light one had to opt between two different products like incandescent and fluorescent lamps for either warm yellow or cool white lights. Now, LED lights are capable of producing warm yellow to cool white light measured on a Kelvin scale.

2. Low Maintenance

LED T8 tubes last longer and decrease the amount spent on maintenance and labour. This will lead to spending less money on the cost of bulbs and hiring help for replacing tubes. As conventional as it gets, they are safer and the labour required is considerably less for the most part.

3. Longer Life Span

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LED lights seem to have a much longer lifetime. The Department of Light and Energy has conducted a survey which states that high efficiency LED light bulbs last for approximately 10 years while the fluorescent bulbs last only one year. This cuts down on lighting costs and electricity bills,

LED lights like T8 tubes are an overall friendly option. They do not contain any harmful chemicals like mercury and produce less heat which results in reduction of cooling costs. Fluorescent lamps require proper disposal as mercury is harmful to the health of people and the general environment.

Durability is also an additional point. LED T8 tubes are made up of high-quality glass which is durable, and made of heat and scratch-resistant material.

4. Types of LED tubes

As per the research, the saving cost is up to 20 bucks for a usual Type A LED tube which does not require the need to replace the ballast and the result is 50% more energy efficient lighting.

To choose the right LED tube, one needs to follow some essential steps such as choosing the right tube light length; secondly, the correct pin size and last but not least, choosing The authorized and suitable UL type.
LED tubes are available under three UL listings.

UL Type A

UL type A is a plug-and-play LED tube which is operable on existing ballast. They do not require any adjustments and are easy to install without requiring any technical assistance.

UL Type B

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UL type B is ballast bypass LED tube. It requires rewiring of the fixture and requires technical assistance. They are much more efficient than type a as they operate on an internal LED driver.

UL Type C

UL type C or external LED driver operated LED tubes are the most convenient and effective replacement. The cost of the installation is relatively higher than UL Type A and B as they do not support the ballast bypass system. They have an external driver which can power up to 40 LEDs. the initial cost does pay off once after a few months as the utility costs are reduced and the lighting is optimum, safer and brighter.

Home or business owners seek out the upsides of switching to LED lighting and how it serves them in the long term considering the utility and maintenance costs while allowing the room for choosing the right light for creating any kind of ambience respective to their surroundings.