A Helpful Guide to Austin Party Boat Rentals

The spring and summer months offer the perfect weather for getting out on the lake and having an awesome time with friends and family. You could spend a lot of time and money planning everything yourself, buying all the party favors, lugging coolers, towels, etcetera. Or you could just book a turnkey party on a boat with Premier Party Cruises.

Austin party boat rentals with the right company can offer a great time just waiting to happen. All you need to do is book the cruise and bring the beer. Of course, you’ll want to bring your friends too.

Here’s what you need to know about Austin party boat rentals.

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Knowledgeable Experienced Captain

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When you start looking for Austin party boat rentals, the most important thing to get right is the captain. You want an experienced captain who knows Lake Travis and where to go for a great day out on the water. The captain sets the mood on the boat, so you want a fun captain who loves what they do and enjoys entertaining.

The Right Marina

There are lots of marinas all over Lake Travis. When you start looking at Austin party boat rentals, departing and returning to the right arena is huge. Anderson Mill Arena is the closest marina to Austin. You can save a ton of driving time by choosing Austin party boat rentals that utilize that marina.

Plenty of Time to Party

It may seem like a given but all Austin party boat rentals are not created equal. Some of them charge by the hour and can become quite pricey. Search through the Austin party boat rentals until you find one that offers a 4-hour turnkey party on a boat. It’s out there and it’s just waiting for you to make your reservation.

Incredible Amenities

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Not all Austin party boat rentals offer great amenities but there are some that do. Besides the fun experienced captain, you want clean restrooms, plenty of life jackets, and a Bluetooth speaker system. You’ll be having fun in the sun with your friends so wrap-around seating on the boat would be nice, too.

Incredible Swimming Hole

You’ll be partying out in the sun so look for Austin party boat rentals that can take you to an incredible swimming hole. The best Austin party boat rentals will be able to offer plenty of shade when you’re ready to take a break. A prime swimming hole and plenty of shade can make the day extraordinary so look for those in the Austin party boat rentals.

Additional Services Available

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The key to the best Austin party boat rentals is being able to offer lots of additional services, pre-arranged of course, to ensure your day out on Lake Travis is exceptional. Some Austin party boat rentals will be able to offer a professional DJ or a professional photographer to memorialize special get-togethers and events. Believe it or not, some Austin party boat rentals can even offer transportation to and from the marina to ensure everyone stays safe. Check it out.

Only Book the Best Austin Party Boat Rentals

Not all Austin party boat rentals offer the same services. This is your day out on Lake Travis, so look for a cost-effective turnkey party waiting to happen. Make sure the one you choose has an experienced captain who can take you to a fabulous swimming hole and knows the lake. Look for clean restrooms, plenty of seating, the right amenities, and plenty of additional services to make sure your day out on the lake is extraordinary. Lastly, make sure you choose one that leaves from the marina closest to Austin. Then book one of the best Austin party boat rentals available.